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ClaudiaMarieSchiessl, Rechtsanwältin
Kategorie: Zivilrecht
Zufriedene Kunden: 20785
Erfahrung:  25 Jahre Erfahrung als Rechtsanwältin
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I was street preaching (about Jesus Christ) with a

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Hi there. I was street preaching (about Jesus Christ) with a microphone and speaker today in downtown Munster, and was told it was against the bylaws of the city of Munster for me to do that. I was also told it was against the bylaws to street preach (about Jesus Christ) in a loud voice. Is the true? If so, could I successfully argue in court (if I contest the tickets) that it is "unconstitutional" or "undemocratic" to make such a bylaw (and thereby not have to pay the tickets)? Also, if I disputed a ticket, how long would it take after getting the ticket for the dispute to be heard in court?
Dear Client,Thanks for your enquiry.Who told you that it would be unlawful for you to preach on the street?Kind regards
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Thank you for your quick response and all your help the last day or two. I just saw your response now. The Kommunaler Ordnungsdienst (KOD) or Ordnungsamt told me I could not preach on the street with speaker in Munster unless I apply for and am approved for a permit from the city of Munster. The Kommunaler Ordnungsdienst (KOD) or Ordnungsamt called the police and they came where I had been preaching for a few seconds (before the Kommunaler Ordnungsdienst (KOD) or Ordnungsamt came), and I asked the police if what I was doing could be considered criminal offense, and they policeman said no, but I believe the police and the Kommunaler Ordnungsdienst (KOD) or Ordnungsamt said my speaker could or would be taken away if I preach again with a speaker without a permit, and I would be fined 100-200 euros.
Did they refer to a speific provision of the law? If so, which provision?
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 24 Tagen.
Thanks for asking. I asked them for specific section of law, and they would not answer me about that or give me section.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 24 Tagen.
hi there, good evening...I am wondering if you saw my response?
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 24 Tagen.
167; 10 LImschG - Use of sound equipment
(1) Devices that are used to generate or reproduce sound (musical instruments, sound reproduction devices and similar devices) may only be used at such a volume that uninvolved persons are not significantly annoyed.(2) The use of these devices is prohibited on public traffic areas as well as in and on such systems, traffic areas and means of transport that are used for general use, as well as in public bathing establishments, if others may be bothered by it.(3) The use of devices for sound generation or sound reproduction for the purpose of campaigning for European, Bundestag, Landtag or local elections in the last four weeks before the election, except on election day itself, by parties participating in the election, groups of voters or others political associations are permitted. The municipalities can regulate the details by means of a regulatory ordinance.(4) In the event of a public or predominantly private interest, the local regulatory authority may, upon application, permit exceptions to the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 in individual cases. The exceptions can be granted under certain conditions and linked to conditions. Section 9 (3) applies accordingly. In addition, by way of derogation from Paragraph 2, the municipalities can generally permit time-limited performances in inner-city pedestrian zones, in particular musical performances, by ordinance and stipulate the requirements to be observed.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 24 Tagen.
I was told I could probably get a permit to preach with speaker, so hopefully that will happen, but i am conerned they may make me put the volume down so low no one can really hear, try to shut me down (and take my speaker and microphone) on street even with permit, or not give me a permit to use speaker at all. Is there a decision in the Germany Constitutional Court that can be relied on regarding protecting the right of people to use sound device to amplify their voice on the street for preaching (about Jesus Christ)?

I am not aware of any Constitutional Court decision in this regard, I will withdraw from your request, maybe another expert will be able to assist you.

Dear Customer,Thank you so much for your continued patience .The law you cited is not a by law but a proper law because the speaker causes too much noise.So in order to preach with the speaker on you need permission and there is no court decision that says otherwise .Because every constitutional law is to be held against other laws and this is the law that people are to be protected from a loud environmentJust imagine 10 people preaching on the street with loudspeaker and you get the idea.So you always need permission

Dear Customer,

any further questions?

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ClaudiaMarieSchiessl, Rechtsanwältin
Kategorie: Zivilrecht
Zufriedene Kunden: 20785
Erfahrung: 25 Jahre Erfahrung als Rechtsanwältin
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