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Hallo, Meine deutsch is nicht so gut, ich probiere im English. Last



Meine deutsch is nicht so gut, ich probiere im English.

Last year i bought a transporter T5 2010 bi turbo DSG.(35000km, now on 54000km) From the beginning there were problems with vibration and my supplier can't help me. I already started some testing with TVS/ DSG dokter in Varsseveld and we think it could be two things: 1.The drive shafts (mainly the short one) have some play and shake mainly during accelaration? and 2. we feel play on the DSG (we think the differential or the 2 clutches) during driving when the dsg is switching gears, mainly when switching back from 4 to 3.

We are trying to find some experience and hope to find a solution with the dealer in Holland (PON) or otherwise with VW Wolfsburg.

Hope to hear from you,

Best regards,
Leon van Valkenhoef
Soesterberg, Holland
Gepostet: vor 4 Jahren.
Kategorie: Volkswagen
Experte:  MacGyver162 hat geantwortet vor 4 Jahren.
Good morning Mr. van Valkenhoef,

thank you very much for your request on JustAnswer

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The left driveshaft ist a well known issue; Your local VW-Dealership should know about that

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You should have the driveshaft replaced to see if this will fix the problem, I´m in good hope that it will.

Your local Dealership will make a request to Wolfsburg for a cost contribution in a gesture of goodwill but its not guaranteed that they will agree. But it´s worth a try.

The VW Dealership should also check for a software-update for the transmission control unit to solve the shiftback issue.

Ich freue mich über Ihre Bewertung (diese ist sehr wichtig, bitte nicht vergessen!)und stehe für Rückfragen sehr gerne zur Verfügung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

S. Seipp
SVBS Kfz-Sachverständigenbüro

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 4 Jahren.

Dear mr. Seipp,

Thank you for your answer,


for the drive shaft i already made an appointment with the local dealer. He is aware of the coulance system and i will let him also know (in case the shaft is damaged) that with this amount of KM (55.000) i can assume it is a product failure that has to be replaced free of costs, regulated by european (dutch) law as i have heard. Can you advice me in this cases?


For the DSG i am already in contact with TVS DSG dokter (see web for more info). They are solving problems for both private persons like me and also for dealers and even for ANWB (ADAC)

They can reprogram all kinds of parameters and settings which dealers are not able to (dealer can only update the software).

The problem with to fast shifting to 7 (already under 80 km/h) and the occuring vibration in the transmission (causing damage at the long term) is already solved but a few things stayed:


-vibration during shifting from 1 till 3, in 4 and higher we don't feel it no more (likely drive shaft).

-also vibration from 2 to 1, when the vehicle is almost at 0 km/h.

-shifting back from 4 to 3 does not happen very smooth, the rest of shifting is ok. It also differs a bit in D or S.

- the play on the transmission which we sometimes feel during driving (drive shaft and possible DSG gear box)


Because TVS sended me back because it seems to be a mechanical failure, i made an appointment with dealer 'Waal' in Vianen (NL).

I spoke with them on monday this week and explained all what's written above.

I will show him all my findings in their workshop and we will see how they will react.


Because i know this issues are already known in Germany i wanted to get in kontakt with someone in Germany who can support my findings.

I hope you can support me during this traject, which is very hard in Holland because PON is denying the problems as hard as they can for all the VAG products. I know you have more succes in Germany!


P.s Another question: are you also aware of a noisy engine during cold start? They said it is a common rail feature. It sounds like a Fiat Panda but it is a car of around 65.000,- Euros!


Best regards, Leon van Valkenhoef

Experte:  MacGyver162 hat geantwortet vor 4 Jahren.
Dear Mr. van Valkenhoef,

thank you for your reply.

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Please let me know the VIN of your Transporter (WV........)

The new common rail diesels sound a littlebit noisy at cold start condition - that´s not uncommon... can you describe the noise please?

Thanks in advance!
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 4 Jahren.

Dear mr. Seipp,





The sound is 'ticking' im deutsch 'nageln'?

It is not uncommon for diesel engines, there are many types of cars who have it.

Before i had a T4 which runs so smooth that i expected more from the new common rail in T5.


When cold start it is ticking for many minutes and then it dissappears.It also runs a little unstable and the vehicle is shaking a little bit.


Last month i tried Shell V-power (tip from mechanic) and it runs much better. He said this fuel cleans the engine and the most important the injectors.


Tommorrow i will have the visit to the dealer.

Let's hope they offer me a good solution.


Best regards,


Leon van Valkenhoef