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Dear Sir/Madam, I require adivse about driving in germany


Dear Sir/Madam,

I require adivse about driving in germany and the points system. I received a letter last year stating I had 10 points.
I was blitz yesterday at 50km/h in a 30km/h zone. I need my license for my job. Please advise what my options are, could I receive a ban!? Is it possible to delay or pay a higher fine instead!?
Also what is the maximum amount of points possible before a ban?

many thanks
Steve [email protected]
Gepostet: vor 5 Jahren.
Kategorie: Verkehrsrecht
Experte:  rebuero24 hat geantwortet vor 5 Jahren.
Hello Steve,

thanks for your question.

There will be a fine of 35 €, but no points or a ban. I think, that the blitz was in a city and not aut of there.

The point system will change in the next months. Before the change you must have 18 points, after the change you have must 8 points. Older points are calculated down to the new system, so that you have now in the new system less than ten points, within 4 points.

I hope I could answer your question an would be glad to get from you a positive vote.