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rafozouni, Rechtsanwalt
Kategorie: Verbraucherrecht
Zufriedene Kunden: 1133
Erfahrung:  Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht
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Forgive me for writing in English - my spoken German is

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Hello. Forgive me for writing in English - my spoken German is adequate, but my written German is miserable! I don't know what to do ...
Fachassistent(in): In welchem Bundesland leben Sie?
Fragesteller(in): Bayern
Fachassistent(in): Vielen Dank. Gibt es noch weitere Details, die Sie dem Anwalt mitteilen wollen?
Fragesteller(in): I received an final demand for an article I supposedly ordered online. I didn't. I wrote to the company and they said the case was in the hands of Klarna. I sent a registered myil to them - no reply. Then I got an even higher demand from Inkassko. I wrote to them explaining the situation - no reply. Now I have an even higher demand from them. I have copies of all relevant documents. I'm at a loss what to do. Can you advise me, please?
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 24 Tagen.
Here is the last letter I sent to Inkassko on 01.12.2021
I received a Forderung from Klarna Bank on 29.11.2021.
I had previously received a Mahnung on 14.10
I responded to that final demand by sending a registered letter explaining that I had not ordered, nor had received, anything from the company they named (Vestiaire).
I enclose a copy of the letter I sent.
I am still waiting for a response to this letter.
I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter and advise me on your findings rather than simply increasing the fine.
Thanking you for your cooperation,
Lynda Huebner

Please wait a moment! I'm writing an answer!

Dear Customer,
if you have not actually ordered anything and have not received it, there is nothing else you can do at the moment, as you have already informed us that you have not ordered anything. Writing to Klarna again will not make sense. It is possible that a reminder notice will be filed against you. In future, please look out for yellow envelopes in your letterbox. If this is the case, this will be such a reminder notice, against which you can file an objection within two weeks. You should instruct a lawyer to do this at your place. In any case, the claim is unfounded because you have not ordered anything and have not received anything.

You must, however, file an objection against the reminder notice.

I hope to have helped you with this and would be grateful for a positive evaluation (click on 3-5 stars), as otherwise I will not be paid for the advice I have given.
With kind regards
RA Fozouni

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rafozouni und 2 weitere Experten für Verbraucherrecht sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 24 Tagen.
Thank you for the info.

Your welcome! Thank you very much for the positive evaluation!