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rebuero24, Rechtsanwalt
Kategorie: Verbraucherrecht
Zufriedene Kunden: 3241
Erfahrung:  Tätigkeit als Rechtsanwalt und Mediator im Verbraucherrecht
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Good day, I hope you can help with a reply even if I address


Good day, I hope you can help with a reply even if I address you in English, as my German is not good enough.
I am a single, quiet and employed person and I own a flat on the last floor of a Wohngemeinschaft building. My neighbours next door make my life a hell: they often find a reason to complain to me, taking advantage of the fact that I do not speak well the language, therefore I cannot defend myself. For example they complain that my dog is barking (they have also a barking dog), that I have too many pots on the terrace and the building could be damaged, that the slammed door could break the glasses in their cupboard, that the hund left traces on the staircase, etc. I am a civilized, educated and well mannered person with common sense, but itsounds like I am the most disrespectful person in the building from the way they react.
They complained sending me SMS's, verbally, or writing letters to me or to Hausverwaltung.
Coming to the point of my question, I find that this is harassment and I want to know if there is a law against this kind of psychological harassment in Germany and what you advise me to do.
I would very much appreciate if you could answer my question,
Kind regards, *****
Gepostet: vor 3 Jahren.
Kategorie: Verbraucherrecht
Experte:  rebuero24 hat geantwortet vor 3 Jahren.

Dear questioner, Thank you for your question and thus trust. initially it would be best if you sit down with the neighbors in contact and try to solve the issue of points with you. If this fails, you should contact the owner, if appropriate harassment exist by the neighbors. Currently, the neighbors do on their account of the facts you merely accusations that they are doing something wrong or just that the dog barks too loud cetera. Through legal means you can try at most one omission of these claims to obtain, which in view of the fact that it is simply here to assertions, probably not worthwhile for a legal battle. The behavior of the neighbors then actually provides as bullying or psychological limitation in turn there, you might want to pursue the injunctive further and take a lawyer help. You should then send an appropriate cease and desist to the neighbors and also inform the owner about it and ask them if necessary, to prevent false claims for the tenant. In the thing itself, it is relatively difficult to find a quick and easy solution, because on the one hand the allegations certainly let other to poorly demonstrate and much is also in an interpersonal level and therefore just be a personal clarification between you and the neighbors best solution. Only if this is not feasible, you should seek professional legal help and just enforce such injunctive relief and may seek a reduction claim. I hope I could answer you initially helpful and am happy to continue to be available. About their positive review I am pleased. regards

Experte:  rebuero24 hat geantwortet vor 3 Jahren.
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