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know-it-vet, Tierarzt
Kategorie: Tiermedizin
Zufriedene Kunden: 946
Erfahrung:  Fachtierarzt für Krankheiten der Kleintiere (Innere Medizin) und Teilgebiets bezeichnung Chirurgie
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Hello Sirs. I need help with a vewry difficult horses behavior. I


Hello Sirs.

I need help with a vewry difficult horse's behavior.
I need to know if there are clinics specialized in this in switzerland or europe.
Private e-mail [email protected] please
I do speak italian,french or english
Gepostet: vor 7 Jahren.
Kategorie: Tiermedizin
Experte:  Kleintierärztin hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.

do you know Monty Roberts? There is a german woman who is using his methods and who has developed her own training program. As far as I know she has great success with difficult horses. Her name isXXXXX her website is

The website is only in German, but maybe you could call her and find out more about the training she does.

Hope this helps you
Experte:  know-it-vet hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.

Another possibility is Marion Wickert, in Burscheid.

She is a veterinarian an is working nearly exclusivly in handling aggressiv and/or difficult horses.

Including horses, which you can not handle after "Elite-Auktion"(german) or things like this. She has worked with circus Knie for one year in training "Steiger"(german), stallions.

You can call her up. 0049/2175/88 88 60.


If you want to know more, tell me which kind of difficulty you have with your horse.

I also can find out an adress in Switzerland. He is a physiotherapeut treating painfull an therefore aggressiv or buckling or running away horses.



Dr. G. Bauer