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I am a USA citizen living and working in Germany for the

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I am a USA citizen living and working in Germany for the past 3 years. Of course I file both German and USA taxes each year.I am selling my house in the USA that is an investment property. I do not own property in Germany, I rent. I live here on a temporary residency permit.How will that income from the sale be taxed in Germany? Will I have to pay taxes on it? I believe I will have to pay capital gains in the USA? The gain will be about $30,000. My yearly income is $110,000.

Dear Sirs,

I noticed a similar question has been posted recently. Is this one still relevant?

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I need info about German law regarding a sale in the USA. Different question

Referring to my earlier answer, Art. 23 Sec. 3 allows for an exemption of that particular income from taxation in Germany. You will be taxable with that particular income in the US alone, however I advise you to decare that particular income and claim the provisions of the Double Tax Agreement in favour of you.

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