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Christian P
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Kategorie: Steuererklärung
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Erfahrung:  Tax Manager bei Kelvion
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I am a Lebanese passport holder who is since one month in

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Dear Sir/Madam,I am a Lebanese passport holder who is since one month in Berlin, working as employee by an environmental company as International Business Development Manager with a yearly salary of 56,800 Euros. I am married with 3 children who are still in Lebanon, they did not come with me to Germany. My wife is employee in private Lebanese company in Lebanon.I would like to know from you the following:1. What difference is there between C and 4? In which one shall I be placed?
2. In case in addition to my present full-time job I practice also a Midijob, my understanding is that my Steurklasse will be No. 6. What would be the extra income taxes that I will have to pay? Expected salary from my second job 1200 Euros per month.
3. Is there a way where I can avoid being taxed in Steuklasse 6?
4. In case I transfer from my personnel bank account in Cyprus money to buy a car (60.000 Euros). Do I have to pay any tax on the received money? This amount is already taxed during the last years abroad, I earned it from my business activities.
5. My job requires a lot of traveling, if I stay more than 185 days per year abroad, can I still be taxed in Germany? Due to residency reasons, I need to pay taxes in Germany.
6. I am allowed to receive Kindergeld, and do I pay less taxes as I have 3 kinds at school in Lebanon?
7. What are the expenses that I can deduct (Werbungskosten)?
8. From which website can I have reliable information about the income tax for employees, which is easy to understand for common people?

Hello i will prepare an answer for your questions tomorrow is this ok?

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it's ok. Take your time. I hope my questions are clear enough.

Hello, i can give the following anderes:

1. what do you mean with C

2. you can roughly calculate with 60% tax deductions.

3. for the second Job you can Not avoid Steuerklasse 6.

4. There are no taxes for the car acquistion Money.

5. with a local residence you will be taxed in Germany.

6. with Kids you get tax allowances like a tax rebate.

7. you can deduct one way from home to your office or not replaced Traveling expenses as Werbungskosten.

8. there are websites named leben und arbeiten in Deutschland with helpful Information.

In case of Open questions please let me Know.

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1. Sorry for the typing mistake. It's 1 not C.
2. 60% tax deductions on the second job, on the first job the tax amount will be the same, right?
3. Ok
4. My question was not about buying the car, it is if I can transfer money from abroad without paying any tax on it. That means, if the received amount will be considered in any way an earning that I made and it must be taxed. Can I always transfer money from abroad as much as I want?
5. If I stay longer than 185 days abroad, I am allowed not to pay tax in Germany, as then I will be considered non-resident.
6. If my kids are living abroad and not in Lebanon, and they don't have a German residency, can I still get tax allowances?
7. Answer not clear, please elaborate more.Only transport cost to the office can be deducted. No other items? What do you mean with "not replaced Traveling expences"?
8. Can you please recommend a website from Steuramt even if it is in German?Thanlk you

1. you are in class 1 with More tax deductions.

2. No in the first Job you can calculate with roughly 30% tax deductions.

3. Clear

4. from a tax point of view yes for more questions you should ask you Bank in case of legal restrictions.

5. as long as you are a resident you have to pay taxes in Germany for instance if you have a flat.

6. sorry you children are Not living in your household so you can Not get the allowances.

7. mainly the way to work is a part of Werbungskosten for employees. You can also offset for example telephone costs as far as they are for your work and Other costs related to work income.

8. the website is:

Christian P und weitere Experten für Steuererklärung sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
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Thank you.
How can I get an invoice for your consultancy?
Will you or the website send me an invoice for the paid 54 Euros?

Yes please contact justanswer for a receipt