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I am am tax resident in the UK but have a home and family in

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I am am tax resident in the UK but have a home and family in Germany. I want to understand why my German wife gets a tax class and taxed based on my income in the UK - which is already taxed. My wife does not currently work but it seems my income in the UK is used to calculate how much tax she should pay. Where do I get clarity on this? I am not a full resident of Germany though I am thinking of getting residency and am able to get a German passport, but I am worried of the tax implications while I still work in the UK

Hallo i will review your inquiry and andswer in the evening if this is fine for you. Kind regards, ***** *****


Answer sorry i have to change the language

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Hi if your wife still has other income which is levied to taxes your income is incorporated to calculate the correct tax rate. It is called Progressionsvorbehalt. Your income is Not taxed in Germany but to calculate the Tax rate for your wife it is incorporated. But as you are married you are able to use the lower Zusammenveranlagung tax rates for married couples in Germany. Is this answering your question.

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That has help. But will this affect other things like Kindergeld and benefits?

No other thinks are not affected only the calculation of the tax rate.

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