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ClaudiaMarieSchiessl, Rechtsanwältin
Kategorie: Sozialrecht
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Erfahrung:  25 Jahre Anwaltserfahrung
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I have paid into the German retirement fond for 4 years and

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I have paid into the German retirement fond for 4 years and 5 months as employee.
Before, I finished the Abitur and studied at Uni for 6 years.
I'm now 54 and have lived and worked for my own companies for 25 years, 90% abroad, 50% of the time Ex-EU.
Can I get a retirement status (Independent of the payments)?
Dear Customer,Thank you so much for your request.
In order to be entitled to a pension you have to pay into the retirement Fonds for 5 years.
Please turn to Rentenversicherung about the missing months whether you can pay those and get a pension all the same
If I have helped a positive rating would be greatly appreciated
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 10 Monaten.
the missing few months are not take by the 21 years of school and university?
Not any more.Since 2009 these times only count for the 35 years time frame
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