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raschwerin, Rechtsanwalt
Kategorie: Scheidungsrecht
Zufriedene Kunden: 129
Erfahrung:  Rechtsanwalt
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ok we was a famliy so my almost husband that time fly to nigeria


ok we was a famliy so my almost husband that time fly to nigeria to start a buissnes with family help!!!! so im not the reall mother but i raise my kids up till they took them away seperate them from blood brother dont let them see each other enough and they was never separeted for long time than there are making me not to be with him cause they think he bad cause he tryna get money and they dont want ouer kids to leave germany they made a lot mistake but the
childsupport dont wanna proof they wrong !! so can some one help??? we ready to pay
Gepostet: vor 7 Jahren.
Kategorie: Scheidungsrecht
Experte:  Olaf Götz hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.

Do you have any court order or any written decisicion from the Ausländerbehörde or German embassy or other official documents which you could show/cite in order to understand what the German authorities think ist the problem?