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Ich stelle meine Frage vor in Englisch. Nat rlich m chte ich


Ich stelle meine Frage vor in Englisch. Natürlich möchte ich den Antworten in Englisch, aber Deutsche ist auch OK wenn sonst extra Arbeitszeit kosten. Danke...David Ralphs.

(1) Belkin Wireless Mouse (V. 3.82): It loses its "wireless connection" most of the time when I power off and power on (immediately or hours later: makes no difference. This didn't happen several months ago. Why, and can this be fixed? Also, can you email me or provide the link where I can get the "User's Manual" for this device?

(2) Belkin Peripheral Switch (F1U201.401): Works fine on my Desktop ACER M670G with Windows 7 Home, but my wife's Laptop ACER TRAVEL MATE 5520 w/ Windows 7 Home doesn't recognize the hardware (even though Belkin Installation Software is properly installed with Belkin Peripheral Switch Icon appears on bottom right open tools window). I suspect that my wife's laptop (3 yrs older than my desktop) simply needs the driver for this device. Can you help? I only need it to share (via hardwire/cable) a HP Color Laserjet CM20fxiMFP Printer between myself and my wife. Thank You...David Ralphs
Gepostet: vor 7 Jahren.
Kategorie: Computer
Experte:  COMIN IT-Service hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Dear Mr. Ralphs, first let me thank you for using JustAnswer.

English is no problem.

1st. - your w-less mouse.
When there are other wireless devices around like WLAN, its quite normal, that you need to reconnect your mouse, as all these w-lessies use the same frequency range.
As this device belongs to the Wireless Desktop 280, it might help to reinstall this completely new.
It also might help to switch the channels, like described in the

MANUAL (Download-Link)

It provides also the complete SW like Drivers etc.

2nd. Peripheral Switch.

For this I also suggest to reinstall the drivers.

2x1 USB Peripherie-Switch

Best regards

Wenn Ihnen die Antwort weitergeholfen hat, bitte so fair sein und akzeptieren, sonst erhält "Ihr Experte" keine Vergütung für seine Beratung.
Natürlich ist auch eine positive Bewertung sehr willkommen.

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.

Sorry--neither helps me, but am more than willing to pay the €25 if you can fix my USB Peripheral problem. I consider my Just Ask Order still open if you can find solution.


(1) Clicked on Manual download for Wireless Desktop 280, and received Wireless Desktop 360 (mouse + Keyboard) which I suspect is close enough to the same, but no Software Drivers. Desktop 380 Manual refers to Installation CD for Driver Installation, which I don't have. Bottomline: Wireless Mouse problem is minor, and I can work thru.


(2) Clicked on 2x1 USB Peripherie-Switch and got the same Quick Installation Guide (with Installation CD Product # XXXXX) and User Manual that I already have. Software is properly installed on both my Desktop and my wife's Laptop. All works fine on my Desktop. Her Laptop simply does not recognize the USB device ("USB Geräte wurde nicht erkannt"), while at the same time displaying the Belkin W/L Peripheral Device Icon as Green, Yellow or Red and have the following error messages: "External Device Connected" or "External Device Busy". Bottomline: I can print from my Desktop and cannot from her Laptop with this device. So I'm at square one with individual printer cables from each of our computers alternatingly into the Color Laser Printer. I've lived with it this way for nearly a year, so can be patient for you to find the solution with this device. If no solution by Christmas, I'll give up and buy me something that works (wireless or not). Thanks...David Ralphs

Experte:  COMIN IT-Service hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.

I`ll go more deep into it tomorrow, as I`m off for today soon.