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I have a Linkys Router model WRT320N. It can connect to

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I have a Linkys Router model WRT320N.

It can connect to the internet using a cable connection between the router and the computer - but it is not possible to connect to the internet cable free: Here I get the message "cannot find the server"

I have a LAN (ethernet-cable) service supplied by my Austrian internet provider UPC.

I have been in contact with the technicians of UPC and informed them about the problem. They tell me to get assistance from you since it is only the cable free connection which does not work.

What should I do to make it work?

Best regards XXXXX

NB. OBS. Of course I do not know if the information I was given by UPC is correct: that the UPC supports automatic configuration.
do your PC find the your wireless LAN?

If not, does it find any other WLAN?

You must anable your Wlan on the Router and on PC.
You must give it a password (in Router configuration).
Then connect PC with Wlan and use this password

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Dear Mr. Engling,

The computer is able to find the WLAN. As a matter of fact I have succeeded
in connecting the computer to WLAN (which has a name given by me ) using the password XXXXX have defined. There is thus a "v" infront of the title of the WLAN which I assume is an indication that the computer is connected to "my" WLAN.

I can add that I am using an Apple Imac computer where the wireless network is called AirPort.
Best regards

Peder Ventegodt
Your Mac is connected per Wlan to the router - correct?
Can you go to ther router and see the configuration?
If yes the wlan is correct confugrated. If not connect per cable and disable the coding (WPA etc.) and then try to connect per wlan.
If it goes turn on the WPA-coding.

Theme times Mac an Router must "see" them first without "coding"
If you need Help:

Install teamviewer. Connect to internet per cable. And I can go per maintenance on yout Mac an configure it.
If you need Help:

Install teamviewer. Connect to internet per cable. And I can go per maintenance on yout Mac an configure it.

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The computer is presently connected to the internet via a cable between the router (port 1) and the computer.

When I use the WLAN connection to the router I cannot access the internet. In this case I keep getting the message: "cannot find the server"

I can access the router using the IP-standard adress: using the stadard username admin. and the code given by me: 7913. While accessing the router I can see and ajust the configuration.

How do I install "Teamviewer"? May be this facility is preinstalled on the Mac and I need only open it for you to access the computer?

Best regards

Peder Ventegodt
you can download it on

You can access ther router without cable?

After installing teamviewer please send me ID and password XXXXX it per sms to

+ 49 1 76 23 59 14 40
your SSID ist Pjosk
and I send you the wlan-key per sms.
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