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Michael, Informatiker
Kategorie: Computer
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Erfahrung:  Server, Betriebssysteme, Netzwerke, Cisco, Hardware, PHP & MySQL, Java, ANSI C, C# Programmierung
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Hi at home I have Windows 7 (before XP). Now I can no longer

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at home I have Windows 7 (before XP). Now I can no longer upload and send fotos out for Hotmail! This is the message I keep getting: - HELP. [email protected]

Windows Live Hotmail
The Microsoft Photo Upload Control makes it easier to preview, rotate, and resize photos before you attach them. You can also attach multiple photos to a message.

To install the control, please click the gold bar at the top of this window. This may take a few minutes.

We were unable to install the ActiveX control 'MSN Photo Upload Control' from 'Microsoft Corporation MSN'. If you see a gold bar at the top of your browser, please click it to install. Otherwise, click Install to try again.

Did you already tried with anoter Browser like Mozilla Firefox?

Kind regards, Michael
Michael und weitere Experten für Computer sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
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Hi Michael


just tried Mozilla Firefox - and it worked; thank you. - However, under XP hotmail reformated to pics to a relatively small jpg. Here the entire pic-'load' [often 3.3 MB in my case] are selected. This is fine for good quality but heavy if I want to send several pics... - Need I downsize the pics first, with a separate foto software, then store hem under a separate name and send THAT version, I guess??


2) for your reply I believe to get charged with € 15. - Fair. - But then I read that the first 30 days are free... and that I will now always get billed with € 15/month. I usually do not have questions though... - What do you suggest?


Thank you, Ruedi

Hi Ruedi,

If you have installed Office 2003 and above, you can compress a whole collection of Pictures with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
The best way to do that, is if you apply a Copy of the folder you wish to compress. Then you'll open one Picture with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

On the top you have a Icon to view all thumbnails of this Folder. Then press CTRL+A
On the right side then you could click the edit pictures button and then the copress images button.
There you choose a compressiontype and Then klick on Ok.
Then the programm will compress all selected images.
At least you click on the save icon to save the changes.

Then you could upload the images with less of traffic and more fast.

Concerning to the €15/Month i can't give you some Informations, because i don't know the customers side of this plattform.

So for this question you may to ask the management over the following address: "[email protected]"

Kind regards Michael