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Michael, Informatiker
Kategorie: Computer
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Erfahrung:  Server, Betriebssysteme, Netzwerke, Cisco, Hardware, PHP & MySQL, Java, ANSI C, C# Programmierung
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Hello, I have a Scaleo 600 Mother Board Asus A7V600-F having


Hello, I have a Scaleo 600 Mother Board Asus A7V600-F having 3 DIMM slots
I would like to increase to maximum RAM
I bought 3 x 1GB DIMM modules DDR PC2700 333MHz 184 pins on advice of Fujitsu Siemens cusomr support.
When I replace the current 512lus 2 x 256 MB MS (one marked PC2700U and one marked PC3200) I get a blank screen

The system works OK if I put back the original 3 DIMMS and reports 1GB in total. If I use one old and one new it reports only the new (using System and hardware) I have not looked in the Bios.
Please advise. Best wishes, J Pearce
it reports the old DIMM only - so only 5
Gepostet: vor 8 Jahren.
Kategorie: Computer
Experte:  Michael hat geantwortet vor 8 Jahren.

There is a little advice in the A7V600-F Manual:

3 x 184-pin DDR DIMM Sockets support a maximum of 3GB
unbuffered non-ECC PC2700/2100 DDR SDRAM memory.
(Note: PC3200 maximum to 2 DIMMs only.)
Visit the ASUS website for the latest qualified DDR400 module

So your 3 modules with PC2700 should work. So it could be that one of your DIMM is defective. I'd recomend you to try evre Dimm by oneself.

(Because Computer components are really damagable in case of electrostatic discharge, i'd recomend you to touch a water-tap to discharge you before you touch the DIMM's)

Best Regards
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 8 Jahren.

Hi Michael. I had already searched Fujitsu Siemens site and identified the mother board then downloaded the ASUS manual and had the informatin you sent. Always ground via chassis, copper water pipes etc. No problem handling the DIMMS - system back to 1GB and works OK on replacing the old ones. I also decided they ought to work - but they don´t. Bought via Amazon and decided to return. You gave correct information, but i already had it - because I had done the obvious Internet search.

However will come back to you when further questions arise. Good wishes, AJP

Experte:  Michael hat geantwortet vor 8 Jahren.
Did you tested each 1GB DIMM Module byself without every other old Module? Maybe its only one defective...

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