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Kategorie: Mitsubishi
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I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.8 V6 and live in Germany.

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hello, I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.8 V6 and live in Germany. Which oil is the best for my Eclipse? Mitsubishi prescribes two grades: 5w20 or 10w30 with ILSAC certification symbol. Which oil is best for the car here in Germany? I drive the car only in summer, between 50-104 Fahrenheit. and I drive fast often and think the 5w20 is very hot.

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I think the 10W30 Oil is the best chioce for your car. You drive only in Summer and should you drive in winter once the 10W30 Oil is thin enough to lubricate the engine without any cause of damage.

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do I have to pay attention to anything? I have now become very careful with the choice of motor oil! In 2 years I had two times damage a rod bearing. once with 5w30 oil and once with 5w20 oil. the 5w20 is fully synthetic. does the 10w30 have to be fully syntheistic? do you know these engines?

You should change the Oil every year, Oil oxidates with the air and become less quality in lubricate and prevent friction.

Damage of a rod bearing are not only indicatet by bad oil or anything. Most times there are small particles of coal or other dirt damages the bearings.

Its recommended to use an additive like "Liqui Moly Cera Tec". This additive protects the Engine with small caramic particles.

The 5W30 Oil ist even fully synthetic.

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 1 Jahr.
Ok so every year change! but what oil do I take now? :). the 5w30 is not recommended by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi recommends 5w20 or 10w30. That's why I'm a little confused. here still an original picture. and please excuse my english, I'm writing with google translator

I mean the 10W30 Oil, sorry for that.

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 1 Jahr.
ok, thanks, ***** *****! here in Germany there is the 10w30 only in partially syntetic. i know in the usa there is the 10w30 as fully syntetic. is it any matter which? or should I order better from the usa?

Its better you Order fully Synthetic oil because the engine is engineered for fully synthetic oil.

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ok, thanks a lot! Have a nice day

You are welcome.

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