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Schiessl Claudia
Schiessl Claudia, Rechtsanwältin und Fachanwältin
Kategorie: Miet- & WEG-Recht
Zufriedene Kunden: 19871
Erfahrung:  25 Jahre Anwaltserfahrung
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I sublet my room ealier this year. For one of the

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Hello!I sublet my room ealier this year. For one of the subtenants, I was forced to rush the moving in/contract signing/deposit payment procedure and what happened in the end was that this subtenant never payed a single euro after moving in. I have the contact details and passport number of this subtenant and they signed an IOU or "Schuldanerkenntnis". Would I be able to pursue this person?
Dear Customer ,Thank you for your questionThe IOU is the prove that you have a claim against him so it is possible to sue him for payment
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Hello Schiessl,Thanks for your reply, I was wondering what were the steps I could take to pursue this matter. Also, this matter is for a couple of hundred euros, is it worth pursuing this matter or are legal costs going to outweigh the amount owed.
A court order would be your best bet.This is a form you get online and fill inGoogleMahnbescheidAnd follow the instructionsThat is by far the cheapest way
Schiessl Claudia und weitere Experten für Miet- & WEG-Recht sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
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thank you