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alva3172015, Rechtsanwalt
Kategorie: Miet- & WEG-Recht
Zufriedene Kunden: 2171
Erfahrung:  Berater im Mieterverein Mieter helfen Mieter in München
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Dear Lady/Sir a. I am renting out in Berlin 8 apartments as


Dear Lady/Sir
a. I am renting out in Berlin 8 apartments as follows:
1. Tenants-non Germans, newcomers to Germany.
2. Period: 3-12 months.
3. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped, suitcase-only ready.
4. All inclusive (wi-fi included) monthly rent. I pay all Betriebkosten, electricity and internet.
5. Contract-in English only.
b. My questions:
1. Am I on safe ground regarding exposure to Mietspiegel data?
2. Am I on safe ground regarding tenants' claims to declare the contract unbefristed?
3. Is there anything I should do in order to improve my status regarding these 2 issues?
4. No. 4 is intended to justify using the apartment's key in case of emergency. Is it sufficient?
c. Here are those contract clauses which I deem relevant to my query to follow:1.
Whereas: The tenant arrived /is to arrive in Berlin on the ….. for a temporary stay of a few months.
And whereas: The tenant’s employment contract/ permit/ study visa is time-limited
And whereas: The tenant hasn’t yet made up his mind as for relocating to Berlin
And whereas: The tenant has thus been seeking for a fully equipped and furnished apartment for a temporary, short term transit period only And whereas: The tenant offered the landlord to rent his apartment for the period as of ……until …… only (“The rent period” hereafter)
And whereas: The landlord agrees to let the apartment to the tenant for the rent period only, subject to the terms and conditions to follow (“The contract” hereafter)
And whereas: The parties fully accept the contract
The parties agree as follows:
1.1 The preamble to this contract as well as it's annexes are an integral part of it.
4. Apartment’s handovers
4.1 “apartment“ hereafter – furniture, electric appliances and equipment included.
4.2 The apartment is to be handed over both ways in the same condition. Protocols reflecting the actual condition of the apartment will be signed by both parties upon both handovers.
4.3 By signing the first protocol the tenant confirms having viewed the apartment before signing.
4.4 The tenant retains the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing to sign the first protocol, should the apartment's condition grossly deviate (i.e. removal of a washing machine, a mattress braking in the meantime etc.) from its anticipated condition:
4.4.1 According to its online description had the parties met on an online platform.
4.4.2 According to its actual condition compared to its pre-viewed one on the… before signing th contract . _______________________________________________________________________________________________
5.1 The monthly “warm” rent is …..euro.
5.2 This rent includes house-management accounts as well as tenancy responsible (as defined in 5.7 to follow) side costs: heating, water, electricity and gas. Responsible use costs of internet flat-rate connection are also included, GEZ excluded ("rent" hereafter).
The tenant hereby undertakes to take all necessary steps to have the landlord's apartment manager and house management notified in any case of imminent hazard within premises, such as water and sewer floods, fire and permanent electricity shortcuts. This undertaking should be so implemented that in his absence from premises immediate access is granted.
With kindest regards
Joseph Segal
Gepostet: vor 2 Jahren.
Kategorie: Miet- & WEG-Recht
Experte:  alva3172015 hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.

Dear Sir, thanks for your request. I will check your questions and will send you a response asap.

Best regards

RA Hermes

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
I appreciate your attitude: Please take as much time you need for a Beton answer, be it counted by hours or days..