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J.Steingrube, Arzt
Kategorie: Medizin
Zufriedene Kunden: 1261
Erfahrung:  Jessica Kilonzo ist Fachärztin für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin sowie freie Autorin mit dem Schwerpunkt medizinische Texte.
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My toddler got conjunctivitis from his Kita on last Friday.

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Hello, my toddler got conjunctivitis from his Kita on last Friday. So we went to Kinderarzt who prescribed azyter (2 times X 3 days) which did not work in 3 days. Then we again for gent- opthal (5 times X 3 days then further 2 days x 3 times) which seemed to work but today my son is again had lot of dirt on waking up.. has Pink eyes and he is rubbing eyes constantly.. can I again put gent opthal ? Is yes then how many times?
Fachassistent(in): Bitte nennen Sie mir Ihr Alter, Geschlecht und Medikamente, die Sie einnehmen.
Fragesteller(in): 3 yr old today, boy. He took azyter followed by gent opthal in dosage I mentioned before
Fachassistent(in): Vielen Dank. Gibt es noch weitere Details, die Sie dem Arzt mitteilen wollen?
Fragesteller(in): the gent opthal follow up was told by Dr. Vivell it looked fine but looks flared up now
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 23 Tagen.
Hello, any updates?

Liebe Patienten und Eltern,

mein Name ist Steingrube, ich bin Fachärztin für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin und beantworte gerne Ihre Fragen.

Hello, one moment please.

If it is a bacterial conjunctivitis, you might not have treated it long enough. You can continue with gent-ophthal 3 times a day until the eyes look fine and then fot two more days.

Does your son have a cold and snotty nose as well?

You can clean the eyes with black tea (20 min brewed and cooles down) always form outside to inside, in direction of nose.

Maybe the tear duct is blocked as well. Can you see tears running daily?

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 23 Tagen.
Hello Sir, the eye drops were used for 8 days in total.. no he does not have any tears or cold but may be some stuffy nose in night. Can I use the nose drops for that

You can use nose drops or spray. Maybe the tearducts are blocked, so the mucus can't pass through the nose and the eyes won't clear up properly.

The nose drops can help with that.

If the eyes still won't get better till Tuesday, please go back to your pediatrician. He/She can do a swab of the eyes to see, what kind of bacterial growths is happening and what antibiotic will help.

Do you have any further questions?

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 23 Tagen.
Nose drops are to be used as necessary like we normally do ? or it has specific application, like I have to use it after Iput eye drops? Or if there is dirt in eye?

I would use them every night at bedtime and if necessary (dirt in eye) up to 2 more times during the day as well. Altogether you should not use them for more than a week.

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Both drops can be used at the same time or at different times.

J.Steingrube und 2 weitere Experten für Medizin sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 23 Tagen.
Sure, i have no further questions, thank you for your response

You are very welcome. Best wishes for your son. Thank you for the rating.