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I have an ECG recording taken on a smartwatch. I would like

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I have an ECG recording taken on a smartwatch. I would like a cardiologist's opinion on what it means.
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Fragesteller(in): 32 years female, no medication
Fachassistent(in): Vielen Dank. Gibt es noch etwas, dass der Arzt wissen sollte?
Fragesteller(in): I can send an image of the ECG recording
Hello my Name is***** a experienced doctor of internal medicine and can evaluate your ECG report. Please send the image.
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This is ECG is of good quality. Although it only has one channel. The change you marked is a ventricular extrasystole. Its not dangerous but can be annoying. How often did you recognize such changes over the time in the ECG? Did you feel it?
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I feel the irregularity as a skipped beat. I have had this since my teens, but the frequency has increased in the recent 2-3 years (from one irregular beat every few months to a few beats a day recently). This is why I got the smartwatch.
Do they all look the same?
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This is an extreme example. It is very noisy maybe because I recorded it while standing. But sometimes there are short periods of 1-2 minutes where my pulse looks like this.
the correct diagnosis is ventricular extrasystoles partly occurring as ventricular bigeminus (this is what you call the second example). It's a very common problem and it's not a thing to worry about. Anyways you should undergo some cardiologic examinations (echocardiography, professional 12 channel ECG, professional long term ECG), because in (very) few cases it can be a sign of an undiagnosed cardial problem. If this examinations are normal and without a sign of a cardial problem, you should try to live with it. If it gets to annoying you can try medication such as beta blockers or even a cryoablation.
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Actually I've already had a few professional ECGs in the recent years but because these irregularities happen at random times, they have never been detected. Other than that, my ECGs have been normal. So I guess it is not a problem. May I ask if these can increase in frequency due to stress?
You can keep on asking. I'll answer.But I'd be thankful if you would rate me, because that's when I get a part of what you are paying for the service.
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It can increase due to stress. Because adrenaline level rises and that's affecting the signal transduction. I would recommend you get the mentioned echocardiography because this is the way to make sure there is not a structural problem with your heart!
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Okay, I understand. Thanks for your answers!
Welcome. All the best!