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Dr. Gehring
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I am looking for hematologist for my daughter.

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I am looking for hematologist for my daughter.
Fachassistent(in): Bitte nennen Sie mir Ihr Alter, Geschlecht und Medikamente, die Sie einnehmen.
Fragesteller(in): Her age is 18 and Female . She had minor surgery for keloid, formed on the back side of the ear. but as of now she is not on any medication
Fachassistent(in): Vielen Dank. Gibt es noch etwas, dass der Arzt wissen sollte?
Fragesteller(in): In her blood report thrombozyten is 80 instead of 140
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Hi there,

How can we help you with that issue? Your daughter has to be seen in your home town, the thrombocytes have to be delivered in a special EDTA- device and counted by hand (here they were counted by a maschine), the leukocytes have to be controlled. Maybe your daughter is just struggeling with an infection which sometimes makes the platelets stick together. The counting- machine then takes three or four sticking platelets for one.

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 9 Monaten.
Could this be also related to minor surgery related to keloid on 20th of July and test was done on 3rd of Aug.

No, it can't, if there was no serious wound infection.

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 9 Monaten.
Thanks you very much. Do you mean to say , we need to show it to the local doctor for any infection?

I mean that there ma be a sticky- platelet- syndrome which should be excluded by another blood exam, and the leucocytes should be controlled. If they are still elevated you will have to look for an infection.

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