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Markus Landinger
Markus Landinger,
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I'm evaluating if I should to a meniscus tear repair

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Hi, I'm evaluating if I should to a meniscus tear repair surgery. I need advice
JA: Bitte nennen Sie mir Ihr Alter, Geschlecht und Medikamente, die Sie einnehmen.
Customer: 29, male, none
JA: Vielen Dank. Gibt es noch etwas, dass der Arzt wissen sollte?
Customer: Had an ACL repair almost 2 years ago
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this is my last MRI, done few days ago:
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I like to do sports. Currently I have pain mainly on the full knee extension or full contraction. I want to know what is better to minimize the knee deterioration and maximize the comfort and stability at long term.

Dear Customer,

I am Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon and I will have a look at your MRI. After that I will give you advice! Just a moment, please!

You have a very good chance to do a full reconstruction with making a suture to your meniscal tear ( sorry, my english is bad. I think, the benefit will be great and the effect of a fully working meniscal tissue is very important for protecting your cartlige.

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Hi there, thanks. My surgeon said that I need to remove the broken part. Is there any sign or way of knowing that actually a repair is possible? Also what's the difference between a repair and a removal of the tear? Regards

I think there is need for both things. A little part has to be removed. The other part can be recontructed. Reconstruction means more working tissue and better protection of the cartlige. But after that, you will need crutches and a splint for almost 6 weeks. After single resection there is less protection of cartlige, but crutches are needed for about one week without splinting. Reconstruction, if possible, is always the target because of better longterm results.

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Im still hesitating on doing it or not. In the long term is it better for the knee to repair the tear or there is no real proven positive signs on doing it? I have near to no pain, just during the full extension, yet to me it's not about the pain but about the long term health of the knee and protecting the cartilage as much as I can and for the longer I can. What's your suggestion? Should I push for repair and also seek for better specialized doctors? I would like to keep the most of the meniscus while I diminish the risks of further issues.

I would prefer the repair of meniscal tear for better longterm result and protection of cartilage. But this is no emergency. You can wait about 3 month and observe the knee. If pain comes very often, then you should decide for surgery. If not, try to train your knee muscles to have a proper jointplay!

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