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Hautaerztin, Ärztin
Kategorie: Medizin
Zufriedene Kunden: 952
Erfahrung:  Ärztin. Abgeschlossene Studium Humanmedizin.
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I live in Buffalo NY...I have tried to contact Dr Stefan Wieshalle


I live in Buffalo NY...I have tried to contact Dr Stefan Wieshalle in hopes of finding a long lost friend from 1973. Her name is XXXXX XXXXX was once married to Dr Wieshalle. In 1972 I rented an apartment from Edith's parents...Herr & Frau Spannuth in NAUROD. They were like Oma & Opa to me. I was in the U.S. Air Force in Wiesbaden in the US AF Hospital. For years we wrote and then lost contact after Herr & Frau Spannuth passed away. I plan to visit Wiesbaden in June 2012 and would love to see Edith again and do some catching up on both our lives.
In the spirit of Christmas ( I had 2 wonderful ones in Germany) would you please help me get in contact with Edith. It would really make this Christmas very special.
Best Wishes Ray McConnell, [email protected] XXXXX Left Buffalo NY 14221 Phone XXX-XXX-XXXX
Thank You Again for Your Help,
Gepostet: vor 6 Jahren.
Kategorie: Medizin
Experte:  Hautaerztin hat geantwortet vor 6 Jahren.

Good Morning,


in the official telephone directory I found one Psychologist Stefan Wieshalla, Emser Straße 51, D-65195 Wiesbaden, Tel 0049 - 611 - 301741. (Son?)


Stefan Wieshalla is also found with Tel. 0049 - 6198 - 575538 in Ebstein.


There is one internet page about familiy names: . There you find, that in telephone directory of whole germany the name Wieshalla is found 9 times, 8 of them in Wiesbaden directly, one in district Rheingau-Taunus. In Germany you can find 24 persons with name Wieshalla. Among them is Edith Wieshalla. The number was not directly in internet. But it should be possible to find Edith.


Maybe you call Stefan Wieshalla. If you don't find edith, you can ask:


the church in Naurod:, Tel. 0049-6127-61238, Fax 66285, Mail: [email protected] or the priest: [email protected] .


local government: Fondetter Str. 2, 06127 - 991780, 65207 Wiesbaden-Naurod


If you don't find again, please write me. I can write you information about other poeple with name Wieshalla from telephone book, you can contact them and ask.


By the way, there is one Edith J. Wieshalla in Moran Brook, Todd County, Minnesota ( genealogy), relative?.


I would like to know, if you success. Eventually you can use my mail, is in profile.


Your number and mail is cancelled, because it's not allowed here. You read the information here in Just Answer.

If it helps you, please click the button "AKZEPTIEREN". Otherwise the honorar cannot come to us. Thank you.


Good luck and merry chrismas! Sincerely XXXXXXXXXX

Hautaerztin und weitere Experten für Medizin sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 6 Jahren.
To: Dr. A. Hoffmann, Dear Dr. Hoffmann, thank you for all the
information. So far I still cannot find Edith Wieshalla (Spannuth), I
have emailed the priest in Naurod. Time will tell. Is there another,
non-business email address that I can contact you at? Please let me know.
Ray McConnell XXX-XXX-XXXX [email protected]
Experte:  Hautaerztin hat geantwortet vor 6 Jahren.

Good morning,


Thank you for Your feedback.


You can use my Mail, which is in the profil. Your email is cancelled here automatically by the system, but you can send it to my mail. Normally contact ist not allowed by other ways. But you paid here for the question, so it's ok. Normally we have often longer dialogues here. But in your case it can take a time to figure it out, so long the question will not be open here.

I will try to find Edith Wieshalla. There's still time until June. Please give me time too. If you send me your Mail to my adress (profile) I can give you the information when I get it.


Have a good time in 2012. sincerely yours, Dr. A. Hoffmann