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Dr. Schaaf
Dr. Schaaf, Privatpraxis, Online-Beratung
Kategorie: Medizin
Zufriedene Kunden: 2012
Erfahrung:  Spezialisiert auf fachübergreifende Zweite Meinung
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hello, i did a tcm peel .now i have a pinkish skin .please


hello, i did a tcm peel .now i have a pinkish skin .please is there a cream i can buy in the apotheke to make the skin come back to normal.some places on my face are normally peeled while some are too deep .i am blacked skinned if that will help too.thank you
Gepostet: vor 6 Jahren.
Kategorie: Medizin
Experte:  Dr. Schaaf hat geantwortet vor 6 Jahren.

A peel makes an injury similar to burning. It is important that you don´t loose too much "water" over these wounds. And it is important to keep them moistured, When they dry, it hurts with every move.
You can use cream Wund- und Heilsalbe as for example Bepanthensalbe. It will help to reduce pain and will shorten the time for healing a little, but it can not change what has happended and needs its time to heel.
If the wounds build a "film" on top, don´t peel it off.
Don´t go into the sun as long as the skin is not healed.

If you wonder whether you are doing right or if it looks frightening in any way, contact a hospital for individual advice.


Dr. Schaaf