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gyndoc07, Ärztin
Kategorie: Medizin
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Erfahrung:  Gynäkologie, Geburtshilfe, Akupunktur,TCM
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We have just had an ultrasound (8 weeks pregnant) and there

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We have just had an ultrasound (8 weeks pregnant) and there was no sign of the embryo and bleeding around the sack. Is there a chance the baby could still survuve?
Good Morning,
Are you realy in the 8 week? Was your period in time? If there is no embryo, than it could be the wrong week or it could be a missed abortion. You should go to control in one week, if there is no growing prozess than it is a missed abortion. Did the doctor chek the blood? Do you know the ß-Hcg ?

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
She (my girlfreind) went to the doctors yesterday (after doing three home pregnancy tests which said she was between two and three weeks), the doctor said she was in the 7th week, meaning the baby was concieved around the 20th April but at the end of April she had a period. She is now suffering from stomach cramps.
The doctor checked blood but haven'T had the results yet so i couldn't tell you the Hcg results.
Is there a chance the baby could still survive and if so, what %.
What exactly does missed abortion mean?
We have another appointment next tuesday but i'M finding the waiting hard.
Many thanks.
If she had the period at the end of april she is in the 7th week if her zyklus was still 28 days.
The test you made says 2-3 weeks, the difference could be the result of a later ovulation. So you have to wait for the ß-Hcg result, it should be there today afternoon.
Missed abortion is the meaning for a pregnancy which stop growing and dont come out alone.

I think everythink is ok, the cramps like periodcrams are normal. The ultrasound control next week is ok, than you can see definatly which week your girlfriend is.

If you have the ß-Hcg you can ask again - I am online in the evening

good luck
gyndoc07 und weitere Experten für Medizin sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Thanks for your support. Thats what is confusing, the doctor said 7-8 weeks, but a week after the estimated time it was concieved, she had a period (one week later) and the home pregnancy test read 3-4 weeks. Is it possible the doctor got the dates wrong?
Are the home pregnancy estimated dates accurate?
Many thanks again for your support.
Good morning,
I think the pregnancy test is right with 3 weeks (for the doctor than it is 5 weeks because we count from the first day of the last period and the test messure the ß-HCG concentration)
So wait for the next ultrasound...and if you not sure that the doctor is interested in your problems, please look for another one!
What about the blood result from yesterday? Did you have any information?
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Hi. The doctor mentioned nothing about hcg levels. I wasn't with my girlfriend at the appoinent ( going with her next tuesday though). Are the pregnancy tests accurate enough with the day of conception? or could the doctor have made a mistake with the ultraschal? The dates from the ultraschal don't seem to match up.
Thanks, Jason.
if there was no embryo at the ultrasound, than it could be the 5th week. So next week you have to see an embryo with heartbeat. the ß-Hcg tell you which week you are, thats why I ask for. So I hope for you that everything is alright.
Sometimes we can just wait .
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Thanks for your help. Last question; what exactly does it mean with bleeding around the sack? I know it is not normal but have you experiences similar circumstances where the baby has still survived.
Grateful for your help.
I am not sure what it means, because in the ultraound you cant definatly say if it is blood or other liquid. if she had no blood in the vagina, than it is no active bleeding - and at the moment there is no embryo, so you still can wait and see if next tuesday everything is alright.In this early pregnancy time everything could happen, but there is no statistic, so I cant tell you a definatly percent number.
Good luck