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Dr. med. N. Gabriel
Dr. med. N. Gabriel, Fachärztin
Kategorie: Medizin
Zufriedene Kunden: 338
Erfahrung:  Fachärztin für Gynäkologie, breites Wissen Allgemeinmedizin und Psychiatrie
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WBC 3.1 (low) RBC 3.93 (low) Hemoglobin 134 (low) Hermatocrit


WBC 3.1 (low)
RBC 3.93 (low)
Hemoglobin 134 (low)
Hermatocrit 0.38 (low)
Mean cell volume 98
Red Cell Distribution 14.8 (high)
Platelet Count 149 (low)
Neutrophils Absolute 1.72 (low)
Lymphocytes Absolute 0.93 (low)
Monocytes Absolute 0.33
Eosinophils Absolute 0.11
Basophils Absolute 0.02

Iron Level 14
Iron Binding Capacity 53
Iron Saturation 0.26
Ferritin Level 77
Vitamin B12 Level 376

Alt 32

I am a male, 82 years old, had a triple bypass in 1997, physically in good condition, height 5.9, weight 68.5 kg, work out 3-4 times a day: 30, minutes on treadmill, followed by 30 minutes on elliptical, 40 minutes in 110-120 heart range. Average blood pressure 125-130. Because of a recent sinus problem, in both ears, my doctor requested the above-mentioned Blutbild, which was normal as of October 20, 2009.
For a week now I occasionally experience some light dizziness that comes and goes.
I also find it somewhat more difficult than in the past to continue my rigorous
Gepostet: vor 7 Jahren.
Kategorie: Medizin
Experte:  Dr. med. N. Gabriel hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Dear Dr. Lupri,
did you accidentally post your question on the German site or is the American site not accessible from Canada? Anyway I will try to help you as I spent some time in med school in Virginia (its been a while...). As far as your blood count goes: The white blood count, red blood count, hemoglobin and hematocrit as well as the other cells are low but only marginally. For example a good hydration, like if you drank a lot of water before the drawing of the blood sample, would be enough of an explanation.

Your blood count can not explain your experiences of dizziness. In order to find out the reason for the dizziness the following exams need to be done:
Electrocardiogram (Holter monitor) to rule out atrial fibrillation. Your risk of atrial fibrillation is more than 20% (age and history of coronary artery disease) and a short ecg might be normal, because the atrial fibrillation can come and go. When having dizziness you should feel your pulse. Is it arrhythmic you have a clue.

The other exam should be Doppler ultrasound of you carotid arteries. Since you have had coronary artery disease there is a possibility, that you have arteriosclerosis also in you carotids. This can also lead to dizziness.

But I do not want to worry you too much. If you still have sinusitis, this also can be a reason for your problems. If your mucous membranes in the sinuses are swollen, there is also a possibiliy that the membranes in the typanic cavity are swollen. This also can lead to dizziness.

Still I would strongly advise you to rule out atrial fibrillation and arteriosclerosis of carotids. Until you have your results you should quit your exercise.

I hope your test come back negative and your dizziness will go away once you get rid of your sinusitis (local steroids should help).

I would feel honoured, if my answer was helpful and you accepted my answer.