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iDoc, Technology Consultant
Kategorie: Mac
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Erfahrung:  Bachelor of Media Management, ehem. Apple-Mitarbeiter, Mac-Nutzer seit 1984, Hintergrund aus Werbung und Fernsehen
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I am not sure what the problem is with my email, or


Hello, I am not sure what the problem is with my email, or whether there are several problems.
1 I am not able to send emails from my MacBook Air. They get stuck in the outbox and an error msg appears saying something along the lines of cannot find gmail server.
2 My iPhone does send my emails but when the recipient replies to my initial email, it is not coming through to iPhone or MacBook
Can you help?
Gepostet: vor 2 Jahren.
Kategorie: Mac
Experte:  iDoc hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
Which OS Version on your Mac are you using exactly?
With OS X 10.10.4 the network adapter has been relaunched, fixing a lot of syncing problems.
Regarding your mobile devices - i recommend to backup (in iTunes or with iCloud Backup), wiping and restoring your data. The same if possible for your Mac - at least delete the Gmail-Account and enter it again.
Make also sure your Internet Router uses standard settings, maybe reset it.
This is absolutely everything to fix the problem from your side. If it still persists, it is a problem on the server server side, try using a new Gmail-address to see if it helps (although i don't think it can be caused by then contents of your mailbox).
Best regards!