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iDoc, Technology Consultant
Kategorie: Mac
Zufriedene Kunden: 810
Erfahrung:  Bachelor of Media Management, ehem. Apple-Mitarbeiter, Mac-Nutzer seit 1984, Hintergrund aus Werbung und Fernsehen
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My macBook Model 1,1 , Version: 10.6.8 , doesn´t empty Trash.


My macBook Model 1,1 , Version: 10.6.8 , doesn´t empty Trash. There comes fault 8003.
Gepostet: vor 2 Jahren.
Kategorie: Mac
Experte:  iDoc hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
Dear customer,
good evening! Correcting disk permissions is not recommended anylonger under Mac OS X, as it breaks usually more that it fixes.
Did you try turning the Mac on and off again? I know how that sounds, but is is normally the best way to solve this specific problem if the file was in use from another program, for example.
If that does not change anything, we have a larger issue at hand that can't be solved quickly. There are two possible reasons for that problem:
1. Your hard drive is failing, and the permissions therefore get garbled up more often (entirely possible, seen that more than once before in this situation, but unlikely).
2. Your System permissions are messed up, this is unfortunately more serious than it sounds, and can't be fixed by just repairing permissions. A clean system install is the wisest solution here.
Please make sure that you have a full, recent backup over Time Machine, then proceed i reinstalling the system. Depending on the Age of your Mac, you can download a much more recent OS from the Mac App Store - the newest Version is "OS X Yosemite" – and i recommend using the latest OS. Before you do that, make sure that all programs that are being uses frequently (and that are NOT from Apple) are compatible with the newest system.
After the refresh / reinstall the problem will be 100% gone if it was a Software issue. If it is still there, it is a hardware issue and i recommend replacing the hard drive ASAP.
Best regards!