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Michel, Student
Kategorie: Hausaufgaben
Zufriedene Kunden: 185
Erfahrung:  9. Smester Informatik Studium, gut in Fragen zu Mathematik
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Comment on Unilevers approach to global marketing of its ice

Beantwortete Frage:

Comment on Unilevers approach to global marketing of its ice cream brands.
Gepostet: vor 9 Jahren.
Kategorie: Hausaufgaben
Experte:  Michel hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.
If you mean cornetto, vienetta, solero, magnum and the one with the heart.
They are very well recognized because you see the Logo (especially the heart logo) everywhere.

It doesn't mather where you go in the world, I almost see everywhere the brand and I know I can go there to get my ice cream.

This means for me that the marketing was a success.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.



this is for me to short!!

Could you please be more specific.

Experte:  Michel hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.
For what do you need it?
Is it for your own Information or do you need a answer for homework?
Just that I know which answer style you need.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.



I need at for an Homework

Experte:  Michel hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.
May I ask what your age is and for which class this is?

Not that I give you a Text for a Marketing class at higher university and you give it to your teacher at primary school... they shouldn't see that you got help ;-)
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.

Hi ,


its Marketing for the Universitiy,



Experte:  Michel hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.
Huh... not that easy ,-)

What is Global marketing?
Big companies like Coca Cola (who doesn't know the coke men), Nestle, Nesspresso (who knows george cloney) and others are doing Global Marketing in the meaning that they take the World as one big market.
They design the advertisements that way that they can be displayed in all countries and burn the brand image into all possible customers.

What did Unilever do?
Normal consumers won't recognize unilever as a company even most of them use theire products on a daily basis (the ice cream mostly in summer).
The consumers know theire Products as a brand like Magnum, who doesn't know what a Magnum is and if you go to cinema what do you see in the break?
Right, you see big Magnum or Cornetto and Lusso advertisings and go to the kiosk to buy a magnum.
This applies to cinemas all over the world and it doesn't mather if you english, german or spanish speaker, you will recognize the Magnum in miliseconds if you sit in the cinema and see a Lady that bites into something that looks like a big chocolat lolly.

Thats just some hints on what you can write.
Use the elements of global marketing in your text, make some examples with the four p's of global marketing:
Product: Same Ice cream wherever you are.
Price: This one is not global as it has to reflect the local market and the competitors in this specific market.
Placement: Like my cinema example
Promotion: like same spots, same pictures for all markets just with different voices (localized)

I hope that helps you a bit?
Michel und weitere Experten für Hausaufgaben sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
Experte:  Michel hat geantwortet vor 9 Jahren.
Don't know if you have read this already but on wikipedia there is an articel about global marketing
There it has a lot of buzzwords inside that you can pick out to make the style of your homework answer more professional ;-)