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Dr.Scheufele, Arzt
Kategorie: Gynäkologie
Zufriedene Kunden: 29195
Erfahrung:  praktischer Arzt, Gynäkologie u. Geburtshilfe
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I think I have a sexually transmitted infection you see, I

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I think I have a sexually transmitted infection
you see, I hate going to the doctor, I've had the worst experiences but right now im desperate with the pain, I have sores in the lips of my Vagina, and I can almost not open the legs or move to much because the pain is a lot, also the vaginal discharge is a lot, kind of brown and with a strong smell, I it any medication I can take?


thanks for using justAnswer, I am gynecologist and glad to help you.

This has for sure an infectious reason. I would recommend the use of Fluomicin (over-the-counter at pharmacy).

If this will not resolve the problem, a checkup would be necessary.

Hope you get well soon.

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Thanks a lot, all the best for you.

Dr. N. Scheufele

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