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Hello, I have a 1995 3.8L Ford Windstar. Im having rear brakepair


Hello, I have a 1995 3.8L Ford Windstar. I'm having rear brakepair done and it was out to ointedmethat I'm in need of new brake hose and proportioning valve. My repair manual calls the part Brake Pressure Control Valve. I have tried both names but, no one has my part. I even tried a Ford web site and the reply was for me to try a aftermarket dealer. Where can I find this part or can it be rebuilt (how do I find the correct kit)
Gepostet: vor 8 Jahren.
Kategorie: Ford
Experte:  MacGyver162 hat geantwortet vor 8 Jahren.

unfortunately there is no way to rebuild the unit, however, the cost to fix the proportioning valve would exceed the price of a new one.

Have you tried to purchase the spare part at a Ford dealership? I think the same part is used in the f350 truck as well.

Depending on your location, it is possible that this part was never built for aftermarket sale. The part is only available as a genuine Ford spare part here in Germany.

I think the best way is to see a wrecker to get the part low-cost.

Some guy is wrecking a Windstar, I found it on ebay Germany, have a look.
Maybe you want to ask him for the part.

Kind regards

PS: my English is horrible, I know, I didn´t speak for ages.... ;)