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Claudia Schiessl
Claudia Schiessl, Rechtsanwältin und Fachanwältin
Kategorie: Familienrecht
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I was paying childsupport for my 4yr old son. The mother of


I was paying childsupport for my 4yr old son. The mother of my son agreed to drop the childsupport July of 2010. We have been getting along fairly well up until recently. I have always had health insurance on my son since birth and have provided for his needs. It seems that everytime she gets upset over something she threatens me with childsupport again and again. I decided to send her some money once a month to keep the threats down. I am currently working overseas but i will be home around early Sept. I plan to file for joint custody when I return. What rights do I have as a concerned father in this matter? My home is in the state of S.C. Is it possible to have childsupport dropped and then reinstated just because someone gets upset? I was never married to this woman. We were in a relationship that just didn't work out. What can I do as a father?
Gepostet: vor 6 Jahren.
Kategorie: Familienrecht
Experte:  A. Stämmler hat geantwortet vor 6 Jahren.
Dear Costumer,

does the child and the mother live in Germany? For how long? Are they german citizens?

best regards

André Stämmler
Experte:  Claudia Schiessl hat geantwortet vor 6 Jahren.
Dear Customer,

thank you for using Just Answer.

It is always possible to reinstate child support.

The reason is that it is not legally possible to drop child support because child support belongs to the child and not to the mother.

So child support can always be reinstated.

As a father you have the right to visit your child, which is considered as very important for the child`s well- being.

The frequency and the length of these visits depend on the child´s age.

If she does not agree to your visiting your child you can go to court about it.

Joint custody is a bit difficult.

In order to get joint custody you must get along very well with the child`s mother because it will mean, that you both make decisions together.

If that is not possible you will not get joint custody.

I hope I was able to help.

Yours sincerely

Claudia Marie Schiessl

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