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ClaudiaMarieSchiessl, Rechtsanwältin
Kategorie: Erbrecht
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I am looking for an English speaking expert who is familiar

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Hello, I am looking for an English speaking expert who is familiar with inheritance law in Germany. I am a dual citizen (Maltese and Australian) living in Germany under my Maltese citizenship (EU Citizen) and am married to a German. We fully understand the German inheritance law; however, I believe that as a foreign national I am entitled to ask that my last Will and Testament be governed/administered under Maltese inheritance law. Is there someone that can provide me with legal advice on this matter?Thanks,Frank Vassallo

Dear Customer,

thank you so much for your questuin

There is a new European convention about Inheritance Law.

So if you have taken up permanent residence in Germany it is German inheritance law it is governed by.


You have the possibility to choose the loaw you want it to be governed by.

This is in section 22 of the European Erbrechtsverordnung

This you can write down in your last will

Dear Customer,

have I answered your question?

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Thank you

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Hello Claudia,You have assisted me previously on another matter which was excellent. With regards ***** ***** question I have read an explanation of section 22 of the European inheritance law and it does seem to be exactly what we are looking for. I have some follow up questions.Should we prepare separate Testaments considering my wife is German? Or can we do one do a joint one and I include my selection of Maltese law?We are planning on writing "Berliner Testaments" ourselves at home and were wondering if you could supply us or direct us to where we can find the wording in German and if possible English?I would also like to obtain advice as to how I include my selection of Maltese Law for my testament.Thanks again,Frank

Dear *****,

thanks for being so nice.

I am back, sorry had to translate it first

You write

Ich, der Erblasser, bin deutscher Staatsangehöriger. Ich wähle für die Rechtsnachfolge von Todes wegen das Recht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, mithin gemäß Art. 22 der Europäischen Erbrechtsverordnung das Recht des Staates, dem ich jetzt angehöre. Diese Rechtswahl gilt unbeschränkt, insbesondere auch dann, wenn ich meinen gewöhnlichen Aufenthalt in Deutschland aufgebe.

The transation ( made by me)

I the testator am a Maltese national as well as a German national .

I hereby choose the law of the Republic of Malta for my legal succession according to section 22 of the european inheritance law convention.

This choice of law is without restrictions , regardless whether my permanent residence is in Germany or in Malta.

I would recommend you do 2 separate wills because the Berliner Testament is a German speciality which might nit be known in Maltese Law

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Dear Claudia,Sorry for not getting back to you. As we have not yet managed to find sample wording yet as we just have not had to time search I will hold off closing this question till we find what we nee and are happy.Thanks,Frank

dear Customer,

you got the sample wording from me

I have made the effort and translated it

If you are not satisfied I will withdraw

The wording is from Haufe Anwaltsoffice Premium , so it is official

The translation is by myself

I get credit for my work by your clicking on 3-5 stars

The Question does nor close if you do, like you may know from the issue we had a few years back

ClaudiaMarieSchiessl und weitere Experten für Erbrecht sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
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Dear Claudia,Thank you once again for your reply with the details. We are very happy with your advice. I will rate you now; however, may I please ask one more question of you?As we are planning on doing both these testaments ourselves would you think that it is wise or would you recommend we make our testaments with a Notary? If you are able to provide us with your thoughts we would be most grateful.Thank you once again.Frank

Dear Customer,

I thank YOU

I would strongly recommend a notary if you have any considerable assets

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Hello Claudia,I have a follow up question if I may? We are trying to find wording for my wife's Testament as the Berliner Testament seems only suitable for a husband and wife jointly. What we are looking for is that should my wife Kirstin die before me she wants to leave everything to me with the understanding that if our son Matteo demands his share before I die he will only inherit the minimum as provided by German law.Kirstin is considering the following wording:Testament
Ich, Kirstin Mittermayer-Vassallo, geboren am 21.03.1970 in Neumünster bestimme meinen Ehemann Francis Xavier Vassallo, geboren am 08.06.1952 in Mellieha, Malta, als meinen Alleinerben für meinen Besitz, Eigentum, sämtliches Vermögen und Privatbesitz.
Unser gemeinsamer Sohn Matteo Anthony Peter Vassallo, geboren am 13.02.2018 in Kiel soll Schlusserbe sein.Is this suitable and if not is it possible to get suitable wording from you or can you tell us where we can get the wording please?Thanks,Frank


Dear Customer,

Ich.... bestimme meinen Ehemann.... zum Alleinerben

Unser.... Sohn ....soll Schlusserbe sein

Verlangt er seine gesetzlichen Pflichtteilsansprüche wenn soll er beim Ableben des zuletzt Versterbenden ebenfalls nur noch Anspruch auf den Pflichtteil haben.

You need a penalty clause

Your best possible option would be to go to a notary and have the will properly notarized . Thus you do not need an inheritance certificate for example