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COMIN, Dipl.Ing.
Kategorie: Elektronik
Zufriedene Kunden: 1971
Erfahrung:  Dipl.Ing (FH) ET, NT, IT
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my rear projection tv was moved to my new home it was in the


my rear projection tv was moved to my new home it was in the cold for about 15 minutes I let it sit for 2 hours then i turnd it on he screen flashed and it made a pop sound then whent off now i can not get it to turn on i have tryed the reset percidure in the manuel it still does the same thing the stand by light blinks 8 times it is a 2004 sony KP65WS510
Gepostet: vor 8 Jahren.
Kategorie: Elektronik
Experte:  COMIN hat geantwortet vor 8 Jahren.
DearCustomer many thanks for using Just Answer.

I`m Joseph Amtmann and will deal with your question.

From your description it sounds very much like a powersupply failure.
Did you check, if there is a switch, which allows you to adjust to different voltages like 120V or 220-240V. (Should be a small red close to power jag witch with two positions)
If so, you can try again with the appropriate setting, but don`t be to hopeful, as the flashing of the screen corresponds with PS problems.

If you can`t resolve, you need to carry your TV to the service.

Best regards
Joseph Amtmann