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I want to start an service in Germany where mother is taking

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I want to start an service in Germany where mother is taking care of each other's kid when it is necessary ( ex. I ask mom A to take care of my kid for 1 hour) and as a return mom who took care of the kids will get ex. 5EUR per hour.
Is it true that in Germany, if mom who takes care of other kids regularly, she will be subjected to apply for reporting tax or get new tax number because this will be recognized as commercial activity?
How about then a point system where you can change to gutschein in the end? Will this be then also related to tax?
Thank you for your time for answering this.

Hello i will prepare an answer tomorrow for your request.

Best regards,

christian Peter Tax advisor

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Hello Christian, thank you. I wait for your answer. BR

Hello yes it is true if you are rendering services they are related to income and sales tax and therefore you have to registrate for tax purposes. It is a commercial activity. Even if you are working with Gutschein they are related to tax as you are receiving taxable revenues.

Is this helping you and answering your questions? Then please rate my answer with 3, 4 or 5 stars or/and express a thank you.

Best regards,


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How about then a point service where you get ex. 500 points per hour for taking care of other kid and you can also use this points for letting others taking care of your kids. As long as the points are not changed to money or Gutschein, or the frequency are low (once in 3 month or so?) then this does not count as commercial activity?
Most of the parents will be exchanging the care, I let mama A take care of my kid for 2 hours and the other day maybe the vice versa. But some system $5 per hour or 500 points per hour is necessary because other wise people feel bad to ask for help.

Even so with this credit point system each points you are collecting have a certain value in EUR as far I have understood the system.

The activity itself is a commercial activity related to earn money with it and with the points you can exchange the collected points in revenues.

Best regards,


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Ok. As long as the money/points are in the system I guess you don't need a real action to set up tax system correct? Once you want to take out the money/exchange point to money or gutschein, then you are subject to real action = apply for tax. Correct?

no you are subject to tax in the moment you beginn to render the described services and receive the points as the poins have a value in EUR.

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Fmmm, that is very inconvenient for the parents. It is not realistic for each parents to apply for tax for maybe 10EUR worth extra income per month. After all the purpose is not to make profit but help each other without feeling bad to ask. If you have advice/idea to avoid each parents doing extra tax paperwork, I would like to call you and get advice. Otherwise I rate you 5 start and finish the conversation.
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Thank you for your offer but I would only call and pay the amount if you have advice/idea to realize such a system the most simplest way (no complicated paperwork) for each parents. Otherwise there is no meaning for phone call.

Ok I will try to advice in this manner.

Otherwise I would be glad if you could accept my answer. Thank you and best regards,

Christian Peter

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Let me think about the phone call. I anyway have only time from Wednesday. Shall I first close the answer? But can I still contact you?

yes thats a good idea

you can come back to the offer anyway if you feel it is necessary

StB-Peter und weitere Experten für Einkommensteuer sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
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Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 1 Jahr.
Thank you for now. I might get contact using the offer.