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Employer purposely and spitefully gave false information to

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Employer purposely and spitefully gave false information to health insurance company regarding working dates. This can be proved by a dismissal letter written by him. i.e 11.02.2023 he stopped paying social contributions but 20.02.2023 he wrote and signed in his hand a dismissal letter thus provinga working relationship existed until at least the 20th of February. Is it possible to sue for this? If so under what grounds? Thank you.
Ich bin eine RAin im Arbeits- und Ausländerrecht mit 10+ Jahren Erfahrung. Ich kläre Ihr Anliegen und bitte um Geduld während der rechtlichen Prüfung
Good evening,

Thanks for using JustAnswer. You have received 2 dismissal letters, correct? When is the last working day according to the first and second dismissal letter? Are you still working for this employer or were sent on garden leave?

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Datei angehängt (43GSS6P)
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i am not working as he did extraordinary dismissal (i am suing him for this) and also because im off sick.
i cannot get krankengeld because he gave the dates one day before i was sick so i would not get krankengeld
Now I understand. The employment was terminated first with immediate effect and 4 days later a new termination letter was issued, but this time under observation of the applicable notice period. This is a common way to proceed. In case the summary dismissal is deemed to be not in line with the labor law, still the other regular dismissal with the applicable notice period can be deemed to be legally valid. If the summary dismissal will be considered as not legally effective, you will be able to claim sickness allowance retroactively.
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Sorry but this doesnt answer my question at all.. please re read.
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The problem is he did not pay the social contributions to my health insurance from 11.02.2023 even though termination is from 20.02.2023
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krankengeld is denied because i was sick from the 12.02.2023 and "not working" because he deregistered me (i was a nanny)health insurance does not accept termination letter as proof i still had a working relationship.

Am I right to assume that the employer deregister you on February 11th?

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Let’s say you employment ended on February, 20th. From February 12th until February 20th you were entitled to receive your pro- rated salary. You can raise a claim for this salary.

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you dont understand the question at all unfortunately.

The decision of the health insurance must be challenged.

I think you are holding with some relevant information.

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like what? What relevant information might I be withholding?

When did you start work for your former employer?

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Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 8 Tagen.
I just need to know the possibilities of seeking justice when employer gives false dates to the health insurance

This is a social fraud and is punished by the penal law.

It is a case for the prosecutor.

KaterinaK0502 und weitere Experten für Arbeitsrecht sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.

You can report the case to the police and they forward it to the prosecutor.

You are entitled to receive payment during sickness from the employer. Was this claimed by the lawyer handling your case?