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I am an american working in Germany. Six months ago my manager


I am an american working in Germany. Six months ago my manager requested i move to a supervisory positon to replace the current supervisor who i still working for the company in another position but has a contract listing the position i am filling. My manager could not give me a monetary increase but offered to pay me 6 hours compensation time per week. It is not in my contract and I have been requesting a new contract for 6 months. Now he states he cannot provide me a new contract. Am i able to return to my previous job and retain the compensation pay. Am i required to keep performing the supervisor job without a contract.
Gepostet: vor 6 Jahren.
Kategorie: Arbeitsrecht
Experte:  Schiessl Claudia hat geantwortet vor 6 Jahren.
Dear Customer,

I have answered your question in the other thread.

A written contract is not necessary.

For a contract to be valid is sufficient if there is a verbal agreement.