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Kianusch Ayazi
Kianusch Ayazi, Rechtsanwalt
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Zufriedene Kunden: 2350
Erfahrung:  Juristischer Mitarbeiter at ProfDrPannenRAe
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Hallo, ich spreche kein Deutch - English is OK? Baden

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Hallo, ich spreche kein Deutch - English is OK?
JA: In welchem Bundesland leben Sie?
Customer: Baden Wurtemberg
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Hello, Thanks for the fast reply. I prefer a written answer.
I have a rent contract in Heidenheim for a fix period of 3 years (ending January 2020) and informed my landlord in June last year that I want to finish the contract in 15.10.2019 as I built my own house. He rejected the cancellation and asked me to pay rent until January + and although i moved out of the house and left it in the same conditions as when taking it, he is asking now for 9000 EUR reparations. He already contacted his lawyer and send the case to Amstgericht. I can share with you the scan of the letter received yesterday. I also have many emails when i tried to settle a fair amount

Thanks for your message.

As you had a fix-term contract, you are unfortunately obliged to pay the rent until the end of the rental period. This is only not the case if the landlord let out the property to another tenant during the period of your lease agreement.

With regards ***** ***** other claims of the landlord, please be advised that the landlord bears the burden of proof concerning the damages. Only if he can prove that you caused the damages, he will be able to claim compensation. Should he not be able to prove that you caused the damages, he will not succeed with his claims.

I strongly advise you to appoint a local attorney to defend you against the claims the landlord has brought against you. It is very important that a notice of defense (Anzeige der Verteidigungsbereitschaft) is submitted to the court within two weeks after the letter has been served on you. Otherwise there will be a default judgment against you and you will lose the case.

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Thanks a lot. I will rate - I was in meetings.