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Kianusch Ayazi
Kianusch Ayazi,
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Zufriedene Kunden: 719
Erfahrung:  Juristischer Mitarbeiter at ProfDrPannenRAe
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I was in the process of buying an apartment in Berlin. I

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I was in the process of buying an apartment in Berlin. I agreed with the owner to a price, found a notary and had the notary draft a contract, which was ready at the end of August.
I have not signed the contract or made the appointment to sign it because I was waiting for the "Ber­liner Mie­ten­deckel" law to be approved, in order to make the final decision.After this law has been approved, it does not make sense for me to move forward with the purchase.Is there any consequence or compensation due to the seller if I back off at this point?
And is there any compensation due to the notary?
Do I need to justify this decision in any way?I am happy to discuss with more detail by phone to determine if further legal help is needed.
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Kianusch Ayazi, LL.B. (Bucerius Law School)
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Thanks for your patience.

A sales agreement regarding immovable property only becomes binding once notarised. Should it not have been notarised, you do not have a legal obligation to enter into it, neither do you need an excuse for declining the offer. You may be liable for compensation in respect of the notary fees if you have acted against good faith. If you have acted in good faith, you are however not liable for any compensation whatsoever. You are of course liable should you have instructed the notary yourself as the notary would then able to claim his fees based on the instruction given.

Should you wish to discuss the matter in detail telephonically, kindly accept my above offer. I will then schedule a phone call with you.

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Kianusch Ayazi,
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Zufriedene Kunden: 719
Erfahrung: Juristischer Mitarbeiter at ProfDrPannenRAe
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