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RAin_Meeners, Rechtsanwältin
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Zufriedene Kunden: 145
Erfahrung:  Rechtsanwältin seit 2003, Fachanwältin Insolvenzrecht, Fachanwaltsausbildung Verkehrsrecht, Examensschwerpunkt Arbeitsrecht, weitere Tätigkeisschwerpunkte: Erbrecht, Miet-/WEG Recht, Zivilrecht
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I own a GmbH that owns an empty building near Zwikau. I


Hi, I own a GmbH that owns an empty building near Zwikau. I received a letter from the city saying that the building must be secured as it is breaking down (in addition leaves are accumulating in the yard attracting rats). They detail a 2000 first payment
and then a monthly payment of about 1000 euro for ever i think. I am an engineer and i went to see the situation, there are many ruin buildings in this small city and I think i am being harressed because of the neighbors and the fact im not local. The building
cost 2000 eur and i dont want to pay more than its worth. Also mentioned in the letter i must pay 89 EUR commission for their writing the letter. What do you think is the way forward, can it be prevented? Thanks, Goor
Gepostet: vor 2 Jahren.
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Experte:  daniela-mod hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
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Experte:  RAin_Meeners hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
Dear customer,
thank you for using JustAnswer. If possible, please load up the document or sent it via E-Mail to my account. I´ll check over the legal basis and examine if there are possibilities to avert the payment.
Kind regards
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
How do i see your profile? get your email? or upload it here discrete not for everyone to see please?
Experte:  RAin_Meeners hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
Just send the letter to***@******.*** :-)
Experte:  RAin_Meeners hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
Dear customer,
thank you for sending the letter. The first obvious problem is that the letter is dated "15.04.2015", which means it´s more than 3 months old. When did you receive it? Did you use the option of making objections by way of "Widerspruch" within a month after delivery?
If not, the decision is legally fixed.
The letter doesn´t say anything about monthly payments. It contains the obligation to secure the property and building under threat of financial punishment in the case you don´t comply with the regulatory requirements.
Unfortunately, the fact that other buildings beeing in similar condition doesn´t prevent you from the official demand, even though it´s actually your neighbours who initiated the official investigation.
To prevent the penalty, you have to fulfill the obligations a)-d) immediately.
That will cost the GmbH much less than waiting till the Landratsamt takes action itself.
Maybe you can also find somebody who´ll look after the house regularly, if you want to keep the house in the possession of the GmbH as later investment object.
[I´ve seen that the house is offered for sale since 10/2014;].
Kind regards
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
I was corresponding to them for a while, also the letter came after a month from sending due to the post delays.
At the beginning i thought of taking action, however after visiting the property, i have seen that there cannot be that an expert has made the decision. Being an engineer, i wrote them a few days ago that i have done so, i see no danger and i object to any actions being taken that will incur costs.
Part of the actions are securing the street bypassing the object, meaning long time solution, i.e. motnhly rental on the security assessories and traffic diversions.
I have not receved the impression or saw that an expert has made this decision, nor have i read an engineer or evaluator wrote it. is it legally allowed? can i take a lawyer to ask charges back as no action is needed and they have charged me the 82 eur fee and my time for nothing?
Experte:  RAin_Meeners hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
Dear customer,
unfortunately any of your arguments will help if you didn´t use the remedy-option "Widerspruch". If you wrote to them after receiving this letter, maybe there´s a chance to state that your answer has to be reinterpreted as "Widerspruch".
But even that doesn´t prevent you from being availed, because the letter declared immediate enforcement.
I don´t think you´ll achieve the retraction of the decision without the help of a local expert, who knows the authority and structures as well as the legal facts.
Hence my advise is to seek personal help, e.g.:
Kind regards
Experte:  RAin_Meeners hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
Dear customer,
I hope my answer offers you a good first overview. For further questions I am available via the button "Dem Experten antworten".
If your question is answered completely, I would
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Experte:  RAin_Meeners hat geantwortet vor 2 Jahren.
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