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Olaf Götz
Olaf Götz, Rechtsanwalt, LL.M.
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Zufriedene Kunden: 3038
Erfahrung:  Fachanwalt für Sozialrecht
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can i ask my question in english?


can i ask my question in english?
Gepostet: vor 5 Jahren.
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Experte:  Olaf Götz hat geantwortet vor 5 Jahren.
No problem, feel free to ask!
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 5 Jahren.

Ok, I have a POA from a mother and son from germany in 2004, now i need to renew it as it is old i need the foll.

1.a notar or a lawyer to cntact the son and find out if his mother is still alive as i cannot find her in the telephone book.

2.If she is alive i need her contact details, address etc.

3.If she is alive then i will need to get a new POA signed by them.

4.If she is dead then the son will sign a renewal of the old one confirming it is still valid.

5.I have paid them in full for the land but as they were not willing to fly to sri lanka where the land is, i told them a POA is enough, My collaborators say that i need a new POA.

6.The party lives 22885 barsbuttel

7.can you recoomend a lawyer/notar who can write to the son (I have his contact) and find out if his mother is alive, i have to do this as he was not cooperative the last time i spoke to him

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 5 Jahren.

are you working on an answer?

Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 5 Jahren.

Hey Mr Olaf are you stilll there


Experte:  Olaf Götz hat geantwortet vor 5 Jahren.


Barsbüttel ist just around the corner from one of my offices. With the full name of the person it is possible to make a query at the local registration office ("Melderegisterauskunft", costs about 10 Euros, if I remember correctly, they just changed prices).


I could find out for you and organize a Notar if necessary. As you live in Sri Lanka, advance payment would be necessary.


Please do not hesitate to contact me via E-Mail.