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raschwerin, Rechtsanwalt
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
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Is it possible to ask a question in English please

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Is it possible to ask a question in English please
Dear questioner,

with pleasure I answer your question as follows:

The first dentist can require his activity also paid-uply, even if the diagnosis was wrong.

However, they can complain with the occupational chamber.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
If I make a complaint through the occupational chamber ( proffesionsal organisation of dentists ) do i have to do this with a lawyer or can I do it myself, and what would be the point would I get my money back - the dentist gave no treatment only an x ray
You need no lawyer in addition and can make this alone.

However, the X-ray examination also costs money, hence, you must pay the calculation.

Because, however, the diagnosis was wrong, you can require a part of the money refunded.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Thank you , do I have to pay the lawyers cost too as the invoice is now double the cost. I e mailed the lawyer to tell him the facts ( my treatment cost me many hundred of € ) I told him I think it is not correct to pay for someone who does the job badly, and cause me a lot of pain, but he did not reply, do you advise me that i should pay all to the lawyer and then make a complaint through the densit organisation - it really does seem unfair but I need to know how to act within the law thank you for your help. I think the lawyer is telling me in his invoice if i do not pay their will be expensive consequences.
You must not pay the other Abwalt. Contradict to the calculation because of the mistake and beschwerden then with the chamber.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Sorry i looked up the word Abwalt and i can not find it, do you mean lawyer - he has sent the invoice are you saying to me not to pay the invoice ? Sorry but just this small detail i do not understand and it could be important Thank you
Oh sorry ... "Abwalt" means Anwalt = Lawyer ... my fault.
raschwerin und weitere Experten für Recht & Justiz sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Thank you very much for your help I already spoke to the organisation and they will speak to the dentist before the payment deadline of 14th january to tell him that he made a mistake. thanks very much