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Claudia Schiessl
Claudia Schiessl, Rechtsanwältin und Fachanwältin
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Zufriedene Kunden: 17462
Erfahrung:  Zwei Fachanwaltstitel; Korrespondenz in deutsch, englisch,französisch;Anwältin seit 1994;1996 Mitarbeit am Lehrstuhl für Strafrecht Universität Regensburg;1996-2010 Ausbildung von Referendaren
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Dear Sir/Madam, Message from England If English is not possible,

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Dear Sir/Madam, Message from England:
If English is not possible, I shall have my question translated into German:

I am in dispute over the payment of an invoice with a company in Hamburg. After several attempts to resolve the matter by means of a negotiated settlement it appears we will have to go to court.
The matter concerns a written contract (not signed) the existence of which is denied by the company in Hamburg. Therefore, we are pursuing the matter on the basis of the existence of an oral contract, evidence of which is present in abundance.
Please could you advise me if I could go and get the forms in a court in Hamburg myself and have a summons served? Does an oral agreement stand up in a German court? Thank you very much for your help.

If that is not possible, do you know if I could carry out a similar action in Hamburg? Go there and do it myself? Or should I consult a German lawyer in case oral agreements do not stand up in court in Germany?

I would be most grateful for your answer.
Dear Sir or Madam,

thank you for getting into contact with Just Answer.

I have no problems understanding your question.

I shall answer you as follows:

In German law a contract consists of two corresponding statements, the offer and the acceptance of that offer.( agreement)

These statements do not have to be in written form, so they can be oral as well.

It is only a matter of evidence, which is normally better when the agreement exists in written form, but can be given through witnesses and other means of evidence as well

Given that there is enough evidence oral agreements are just as valuable.

You can go to the court and do it yourself, subject to the condition that the sum of money you are claiming is no more than 5000 €.

If it is more you are obliged by German law to take a lawyer.

I hope I was able to help you . If that is the case please accept my answer by clicking on the green button .

Thank you.

I wish you the best of luck and a pleasant Sunday

With regards

Claudia Marie Schiessl

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Dear Sir or Madam,

thank you for accepting my answer.

I am looking forward to your contacting me.

With regards

Claudia Marie Schiessl