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Dirk Bettinger
Dirk Bettinger, Rechtsanwalt
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
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I hope someone can speak daughter was born in


I hope someone can speak daughter was born in Tubingen GE and my husband and I are getting divorced. we can not agree on custody for the 2 year old and need some advice on how to proceed and is there any financial aid available because my husband allows me no access to any money. What are the requirements for the father in custody court. I have been the primary caregiver for the 2 year old , not working to take care of her and when I was pregnant, i didnt work from 9/06-11/09. I need help so bad, we are cicilians in the us army and i am a dependant, we are both americans HELP me pleasee!!!!!!
Gepostet: vor 7 Jahren.
Kategorie: Recht & Justiz
Experte:  Dirk Bettinger hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Would you please give more details? What exactly is the problem? Do you want to know which authority will give you any assistance?
Dirk Bettinger
Dirk Bettinger und weitere Experten für Recht & Justiz sind bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
Kunde: hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
the problem is we reside in two different states, My name is XXXXX XXXXX of two, Payton, 13 and Lauren, 2. Payton is from a previous relationship. My husband wants to divorce and we live in Germany working as DOD civilian for the Army. He is avoiding Lawyers because he says they are too expensive. I have been non-working as consented by both of us from 9/06-11/09, to be home with the kids. I just started working again because i was tired of asking for money. Since the time of marriage, I have never seen a bank statement, tax return , nothing. I have no idea what he has. I just know I have nothing. No money for an attorney unless begging from my family. He has had a DUI here in Germany and drinks everyday. Abusive, well not physically, but emotionally, we have had no sex in almost 2 years and I have begged to go back to the states for over a year but he says he will get me for kidnapping if I take my 2 yr old. Basically I am trapped and have no choice but to stay, i will not leave without my daughter. He wants , when he is ready, for us to move back to his homestate Vermont, and pay me 1000.00 a month for daycare and food, and wants joint custody with neither of us the custodial parent., and he will ship my car back and continue to pay it off, 2000 volvo wagon with 223,000 miles and breaks down a lot. I do not know what to homestate is NC. Not only does he have a DUI, he took off and left us New Years 2008 for 2 days with no notice or money accessable He only returned because I told him I would turn him in to the MP's for driving. His job requires him to go away at times for usually a week or so. Please help me with some advice, what do I do? I am stuck in Germany having to live with a man that left me years ago, emotionally this is very damaging to me and the children. PLEASE HELP ME have been married since October 06.
We could leave with his permission with an ERD(early return of dependents) he wont let Lauren leave. where do I stand in court as far as custody and money, ?
Experte:  Dirk Bettinger hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Dear mrs. tierney,

you may divorce from yur husband? Where did you marry? In Germany or in the US?
You may take my email for answering. It makes it more easier.
Thank you
Dirk Bettinger