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Kategorie: Schweizer Recht
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Erfahrung:  Gebiete des Schweizer Zivilrechts, v.a. allgemeines und besonderes Vertragsrecht, Erbrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, SchKG
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Hello Sir or Dear Madam I live in switzerland i have residence


Hello Sir or Dear Madam
I live in switzerland i have residence permit ( B ) i'm from Romania .
My question is ? My mother 70 years is retired and I brought it in Switzerland because of loneliness.
1/ I went to the Immigration Office ,I gave them all the documents they asked me,
I received a letter. and must submit a guarantee of the amount 250.000 chf
I send a letter back with guarantee of 100.000 chf With bank account .
They have not accepted .
Now my question is how can I obtain a residence permit?
There are other legal options ? longer be entitled to work. At least 50% ?
Thanks in advance for the inconvenience
Gepostet: vor 4 Jahren.
Kategorie: Schweizer Recht
Experte:  Advokaturbüro hat geantwortet vor 4 Jahren.
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Aufgrund Ihrer Angaben kann ich Ihre Frage mit folgender Rechtsauskunft beantworten:

Protocol II on extending the free movement agreement to Romania and Bulgaria (EU-2) took force on June 1, 2009. Employees and service providers from these countries will initially be subject to interim provisions, however.

Switzerland has decided to continue restrictions on citizens from Romania or Bulgaria until 2016 at the latest. Thus, citizens from these countries are facing restricted access to the Swiss labor market and are subject to special quotas (Kontingente). Domestic workforce can be given precedence over Romanian and Bulgarian citizens, and salary and work conditions may be checked by the authorities. The same holds for service providers doing business in certain sectors.

But when staying in Switzerland without gainful activity (students, pensioners, etc.) and in matters of family reunion, citizens of all EU and EFTA states enjoy the same rights.

To be authorized to take up residence in Switzerland without pursuing a gainful activity, people such as retirees, students, or those of private means need to register with the local authorities of the place they reside and apply for a residence permit for non-working persons. Registration has to be done 14 days after arrival at the latest. This type of residence permit will be granted if you can prove that you possess sufficient financial means not to have to rely on Swiss social security benefits. Financial means are defined as being sufficient if Swiss nationals in the same situation are not entitled to claim benefits. Furthermore, you need to show that you have taken out adequate accident and health insurance.

Additionally to the adequate health insurance proof, your mother must bring along a proof of having enough money (or guarantee) for managing her life without public social help. Therefore the migration authorities ask for a mimimum guarantee of CHF 250'000.-; CHF 100'000.- are not enough according to their guidelines.

Turn to the appropriate cantonal migration authorities for detailed information.

Of course your mother could longer be entitled to work. Therefore she needs a work permit. I doubt, that she will get one because the Romanian quotas are almost completey used.

Another possibility for your mother would be, to try to get a residence permit in another country (i.e. Germany). The disadvantage is, that she needs to keep up the residence there (officially).

Unfortunately there are no other possibilities to obtain a residence permit for your mother in Switzerland.

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lic. iur. Reto Aschwanden, LL.M.
- Rechtsanwalt und Mediator -