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Kategorie: Schweizer Recht
Zufriedene Kunden: 3850
Erfahrung:  Gebiete des Schweizer Zivilrechts, v.a. allgemeines und besonderes Vertragsrecht, Erbrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, SchKG
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Dear Sir,This


Dear Sir, This is a quick overview of my actual situation. Since the divorce was filed in Montpellier France in 2001 it has dragged on for 13 years and counting. I am a Swiss National and my Ex-wife is French. We married in 1978 under French law. We have no children. The divorce was pronounced some years ago in favour of my wife. Where it became complicated was during the (separation des bien) irregularities on my wife's side. Large amount of money on here side not declared. Proof of this exists in my file. Basically she was hiding funds in front of the law. I have refused the requested settlement by my wife on the basis of irregularities. It went back to court. As time went by my wife died on cancer. She put the daughter of her sister to inherit the case. Before accepting the heritage file we tried to solve the issue once more a l amiable. This failed again because she wanted to get some more money out of me in order to pay the heritage tax of house which was attributed to them. So now we are back in court. According to my lawyer which I have now for over 10 years, he received a phone call from the other lawyer that they might be thinking of settling it a l amiable. But this has stalled and I have no feed back at all from my lawyer. Its like he is avoiding me. Now here is my dilemma, the communication skills by my lawyer are very bad. I simply do not know where I am in real terms. Its now to the point where I am wondering if I can trust him. That is a bad sign. I mean its going on for so many years and I keep paying fees but no results. Also the invoices are never detailed so I really do not know what I am paying. I do not want to sound negative but this lawyer moved from the South of France to Spain and some people told me that he is not allowed to plead in Montpellier anymore. I tired to verify this but its difficult. I got switched from one office to the next. So I am looking to replace him with a competent lawyer. Hopefully with some one in the South of France. Its very frustrating not to get straight forward answers. I have showed patience for 13 years. I mean I am not changing just to change. I want to change because I have lost confidence. I am 64 years of age and will go on retirement in one year. So I want to have this out of my way. However I am not sure if a divorce lawyer is what I need, I probably need a lawyer that is specialized in "separation des bien". So this needs some thoughts. Presently I am in Saudi Arabia on a gas installation and phones are not allowed during day time. So I will only be available after 20:00 Saudi time or 18:00 in France. I would highly appreciate if you could reply by email and let me know if you could propose a way forward. My mobile +41 788 976 048 When I am in Europe I live in Marseilles PS I fully understand the French language but my writing is not up to my standards so I prefer to write in English. My best regards XXX

Gepostet: vor 4 Jahren.
Kategorie: Schweizer Recht
Experte:  daniela-mod hat geantwortet vor 4 Jahren.

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