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ClaudiaMarieSchiessl, Rechtsanwältin
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Hi, I am an American-civilian living in a town named Nanzdietschweiler,


Hi, I am an American-civilXXXXX XXXXXving in a town named Nanzdietschweiler, Germany. I was sent a letter in German regarding snow removal and the times that I need to have this done. I attempt to keep this up, so I am not sure why I got it, other than that my home (rental via Military Housing) is next to an area that others used for walking their animals. This letter was in German and did not include a phone number or contact information that I can write to. I gave the letter to my Landlord last night and she will translate for me. I want to know the German Law on this. I do not like being threaten, but want to know my rights as a Tenant. I read that it is ultimately the responsibility of the Landlord, despite the fact that it is mentioned on my contract. The rule I read was the Landlord is responsible for spelling out the Law and including this in the Contract to fully remove her from liability, or to really make sure this is done. Please give me the Law for this town (In English) my email address [email protected] Thank you, Allye
Gepostet: vor 7 Jahren.
Kategorie: Allgemein
Experte:  ClaudiaMarieSchiessl hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Dear Customer,

thank you for contacting just answer.

Normally snow removal is the landlord`s responsibility.

Either he or she has to do it herself or he or she has to make sure it is done.

This is included in the community law, of which every city has its own.

As the town you live in is tiny I cannot find the community law that applies in the internet and I would advice you to phone the council and just ask.

But normally the law concerning snow removal is pretty much the same everywhere.

But your landlady can make a contract with you delegating the responibility to you as her tenant.

If this is mentioned in your leasing contract she has successfully delegated the responsibility for snow removal to you, I am afraid.

You are therefore responsible for snow removal.

I am sorry to be the bearer of such news.

Best regards

Claudia Marie Schiessl

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Thank you

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