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ClaudiaMarieSchiessl, Rechtsanwältin
Kategorie: Allgemein
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Erfahrung:  19 Jahre Anwaltserfahrung
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Hello I am living since 23 Jears in Germany. I am from Iran I


I am living since 23 Jears in Germany. I am from Iran
I have study political Seince and Law.
I have Problem with germany Adminstration and germany Court in City Cologne.
They dont let me to working. I am a translator for Germany and English and persian Languge. I am single. no married jet. I want move to USA. The Germany Adminstration and germany Court has stieh me about 50.0000 Euro
I need Green Card.
How can you help me?
thank you
City Cologne- Germany
Gepostet: vor 7 Jahren via ForeignBorn.
Kategorie: Allgemein
Experte:  ClaudiaMarieSchiessl hat geantwortet vor 7 Jahren.
Dear Mr Panahi,

thank you for getting in contact with Just Answer.

I understand that you wish to get the green card, not a work permit here in Germany.

I will try to help you, but unfortunately it is very difficult getting a Green Card.

They are very strict in the US.

Although you have an academical education you still need a job offer from an employer in the U.S.

There is also priority for US citizens in the US job market.

So you can only take the job offer if no US citizen is qualified , or wants it.

If you have no job offer you can still participate in the so called Diversity Programm.

There is a lottery every year where you can participate via the internet . The participation is free.

I`m afraid there is no other way of getting a green card.

I hope I have helped you

I wish you the best of luck

Yours sincerely

Claudia Schiessl

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