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michel, Eidg. Dipl. Informatiker
Kategorie: Allgemein
Zufriedene Kunden: 185
Erfahrung:  Informatik Lehre, 9 Semester Informatik Studium an der FH, 5 Jahre als Software Test Engineer tätig
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are there any medications available, without a prescription,

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are there any medications available, without a prescription, in a german pharmacy, that help to stay awake and concentrated, after a night without sleep?
It depends on how used you are on cooffe but cafeine pills are usually without prescription and they keep u awake (if you'r not a regular coffee drinker, your body will adapt to coffeine after some time).

Another thing would be Guarana pils, it's like caffeine but stronger. You should get it in most pharmacy stores.

When I need to stay awake we get in CH some sort of mixture of coffeine and guarana (you get it in every fillstation or candy shop), this are small bottles (I think 20 ml) but they boost you damn hard (if your not used to coffeine and guarana, you may get pushed too hard)

regards Michel
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