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Dr. Gehring
Dr. Gehring, Fachärztin
Kategorie: Neurologie
Zufriedene Kunden: 24419
Erfahrung:  Ausbildung spezielle Schmerztherapie, 21 Jahre Betreuung neurol. erkrankter Patienten
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Dear Neurologen Experten, Polyneuropathie exists in many forms


Dear Neurologen Experten, Polyneuropathie exists in many forms and symptoms making treatment or curing extremely difficult. Fact being I have PNP and Carpal tunnel syndrome. After extensive research in internet I am able to close out most PNP forms.
Could CTS be the cause of my PNP problem.
Many thanks and I would appreciate any help you can provide.
***** *****
Gepostet: vor 1 Jahr.
Kategorie: Neurologie
Experte:  Dr. Gehring hat geantwortet vor 1 Jahr.
Hi tehre, A carpal tunnel syndrome results from neural compression or irritation in the wrist area and can be diagnosed easily by measuring the neural activity. CTS is always a local issue and has nothing to do with polyneuropathie. PNP is a more diffuse condition, affecting several nerves mostly of the legs and with a typical pattern of electroneurography. It can't be the origin of a CTS. But you can have CTS and PNP at the same time and independently from each other.Good luck!
Experte:  Dr. Gehring hat geantwortet vor 1 Jahr.
Aren't you going to read my answer?

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